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Firefighters Awarded New Contract, Nutter To Appeal

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — After months of waiting, the city and its fire fighters received an arbitration decision on a new contract. Practically before the ink was dry, Mayor Nutter announced he would appeal. The fire fighters union says they’ll fight back in court.

“This award is bad in the short term and worse in the long term,” said Mayor Nutter.

Nutter says the city can’t afford the award, which includes nine percent in raises over 4 years, because there are no cost-cutting options, such as furloughs, which the police award included and because there are no incentives to contain health care costs.

“The taxpayers would be left in a completely vulnerable position to tens of millions of dollars of additional costs.”

Bill Gault:

“Our administrative costs for running our health plan are two percent. That’s unheard of in the world.”

Fire fighters union president Bill Gault says he was pleased with the award and is not happy the mayor is appealing. He dismisses the argument that it’s unaffordable and says he thinks it’s personal.

“Between this, the closing of the companies, the brown outs, taking the medics out of the union. He’s got his pound of flesh from the Philadelphia fire department from local 22.”

Reported By Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. sammysamples says:

    Reality check. With this great economy we’re living in now, how many of us are looking at our companies making us pay more for lesser benefits. We’re also not looking at raises, but simply hoping we wont be laid off. I wish our city had the money to give these guys a 20% raise over the next 4 years. But the fact of the matter is we don’t have the money. That contract looks too open-ended to me. Also, any union willing to back Milton Street is definitely shady. Hope Nutter can appeal it.

  2. C-Ya Filthadelphia says:

    Conrgats to the FD members!!! Still not enough as far as I am concerned!! As a life long city resident I am sick and tired of hearing each Mayor and City Council cry about not having any money to run this city, only to watch them mismanage the city funds!!! Pay the FD, PD, Medics and other city workers what they are due. These are the people that keep your city running Mr. Mayor!!! Not you or City Council!!! This is what you signed up for when you decided to place your name on that ballot, so stop your whining!!! Why does every member of city government need aides, and each of the aides have aides, and so on? Sounds like a whole lot of people getting paid for passing responsibility and not doing any work. And that is just a start!! The writing is on the wall Mr. Mayor, 20 years from now your city won’t have any decent tax paying residents left, but somehow that mayor will still find a way to fund all the programs for the free loaders!! …and you Mr. Mayor will go down in history as just another lousy Philadelphia Mayor who had a chance to make a difference, but chose to help push the cart off the cliff instead!!! Your children and grandchildren will be proud!!! Sincerely yours, a 42 year Philadelphia resident moving out in 2 months and that is not soon enough!!!!! Last one out …shut off the lights!!!

  3. MmM says:

    The firefighters deserve this pay increase . They risk their lives with every call they respond to, to save ours. Stop being selfish Mr. Mayor and cut back on the $300,000 parties you politicians have at MY expense!!

  4. Tracey says:

    What happen 2 the city of phila PRISON!!!!!! Contract

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