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Upper Moreland Police Chief Settles For Publicity In Lock-Your-Car Effort

UPPER MORELAND, Pa. (CBS) — The police chief in Upper Moreland is backing away from a proposal that could have meant tickets for township residents who left their cars unlocked on public streets.

Chief Thomas Nestel says there is support for the ordinance but there’s also a lot of opposition, and for that reason he’s putting the issue to bed for now. 
nestel bw Upper Moreland Police Chief Settles For Publicity In Lock Your Car EffortNestel (in file photo at right) presented the plan to the township’s Public Health and Safety Committee on Monday night, but the committee delayed moving it to the commissioners.

Nestel says there is some good to come out of all of this: he couldn’t have paid for this much advertising.

“I have been trying for three years to get this word out to people, and the word is out loud and clear right now to lock your doors.  It’s a good thing.”

Nestel says 75 percent of recent car thefts in Upper Moreland occurred to vehicles where the doors were unlocked.

Under the proposal, police could have checked vehicles, and if it was unlocked you would first get a warning. The second time within a year would have resulted in a fine.

Reported by Brad Segall, KYW Newsradio.

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One Comment

  1. BM says:

    Great Idea!! Maybe people will actually start to lock their doors for once. The police department and the officers are having their valuable time WASTED to take a petty theft from vehicle report because JOE PUBLIC can’t take the extra second to lock his vehicle doors! People are too lazy these days and it’s a perfect way to get a lot of them motivated even just a little bit. The chances of finding the stolen items are fairly low and MOST of the time, the only reason the person is reporting the theft is because their insurance agent needs the police report and half the people dont even have the right info on the stolen items anyways. It’s a waste of time for the cops to take these reports. More important things to worry about than a damn stolen GPS unit out of an unlocked car.

  2. mike says:

    cop or not could get yourself shot for doing something like trying a door.

  3. mike says:

    What? What gestapo academy did this pork chop come from?Anything to generate revenue.How about a fine for out of shape police officers?How about a fine for being seen in a bakery or donut shop?

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