Republicans in New Jersey have filed an official complaint with the Federal Election Commission over reports that the campaign of Democratic candidate John Adler (above left) is, at least in part, behind the bid of a third-party candidate running against the Congressman and GOP opponent Jon Runyan (center).

The FEC is slow to take issues like this on, if they do at all.  But Republican State Committee chairman Jay Webber is looking to turn up the heat on Adler by pairing campaign filings from Adler and titular Tea Party candidate Peter DeStefano (right) with published reports suggesting the two are working in concert:

“John Adler needs to start answering questions. He’s been stonewalling on this issue for a week. It’s clear that his campaign and people close to John Adler tried to fool the voters in this election, and what I think everybody wants are answers.”

There are none from the Adler campaign. Repeated calls over the last week have gone unreturned, although both Adler and DeStefano themselves have insisted they have no connection to each other.

But New Jersey Tea Party representatives have said DeStefano is not a member and does not have their endorsement.

Reported by David Madden, KYW Newsradio.

Photos provided

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