Roses may seem like summer flowers – the very essence of a June day, but many roses – in particular lots of the shrub roses popular these days – have a second flush in late summer and early fall. And somehow, the second season is doubly satisfying, partly because their pastels are a nice contrast to the typical fall colors of deep gold, orange, and burgundy.

Fall’s also a good time to plant roses – as it’s a good time to plant all kinds of trees and shrubs. Planting now helps your roses get established and well watered in before they need to endure a hot summer. If you wait until spring to plant, their roots won’t be nearly as deep by summer, and your roses will need more watering from you to survive the heat.

So, plant some roses right now, and enjoy their flowers and fragrance all fall until they’re finished by the frost and the blossoms finally stop. Then sit back and wait for them to start all over again in spring.

Reported By: Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

(Photo by Phran Novelli)

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