Target Stores Still Failing To Honor Some Coupons Correctly

If you’re heading to Target, you better check your receipt carefully. You could be shortchanged at the register and not even realize it.

Last month, 3 On Your Side consumer reporter Jim Donovan exposed the fact that Target was having a problem processing certain coupons.  Target said a fix was in the works and that the stores were aware of the problem.

So we went shopping again.

At Target the motto is “Expect more, pay less.”  But when using certain coupons there, you could pay more than you expected.  And it’s happening all over country.

Amy Gunderson was shortchanged:

“I should have gotten $5 off.  I got $2.04 off,” said Gunderson.

So was Sandra Olivas:

“I went on Saturday and bought these items and it should have taken off four dollars on this.  It took nothing off — zero!”

And when 3 On Your Side went shopping with our hidden cameras three weeks ago, we didn’t get the full value of our coupons either.

And it continues to happen, as we found just days ago when spot checking stores in Voorhees, Cherry Hill, and Delran, NJ, and Northeast Philadelphia.

The problem seems to affect manufacturers’ coupons for which you have to purchase multiple items.  The register takes off only the value of one item, not the full value of the coupon.

For example, we purchased Smart Ones frozen entrees, priced at $1.99 a piece. We had a coupon for $3 off when you buy six.

The register took off $1.99 — the price of one meal — shorting us $1.01 in savings.

When we first brought the problem to the attention of Target’s corporate office weeks ago, they said stores were aware of the situation and that employees were directed to insure customers were given full coupon value.

But you could have fooled us!  We were told that if the coupon is worth more than the item, we wouldn’t get more than the item was worth.

In Voorhees, a customer service representative told us they could void out our coupon so we could use it somewhere else.

But Philadelphia consumer affairs director Lance Haver says that’s the last thing you want to do:

“Every consumer that’s faced with this should ask for a manager. If you have a coupon and they’re refusing to honor it, don’t go away. Because when you go away, what that does is it rewards the company for cheating you,” said Haver.

Target now tells us this problem will take time to correct as it’s “complicated.”

Despite our experience, Target continues to say that if customers have a problem they should go to the customer service desk, where it will be resolved.

Meanwhile, if you use coupons at Target, be sure to double-check your receipt before leaving the store.

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  1. Candice L. says:

    First of all, LOL that you thought Target was French. Pronouncing the name “Tarjay” is just American jargon. The company is in fact headquartered in MN. As far as not allowing Salvation Army ringers, the corporation has a 0 tolerance solicitation policy. If they can’t allow girl scouts to sell cookies on their property then they can’t allow the Salvation Army to solicit either. Fair enough. Don’t neglect the fact that 5% of all sales are donated to charity and that Target offers programs to kickback percentages to schools as well. This compensates for lack of solicitation. As far as the coupon ordeal, they are obviously making strides to fix the situation and in the event that a cashier is not as well versed as the guest when it comes to the coupon policy (which happens, because all cashiers have to learn and learning curves DO exist), the managers are obviously siding with the guest and honoring the coupons. Its not fair to write off the entire corporation because of a technicality. They couldn’t fix the problem until they knew one existed, and now they are working on a solution. Technology fails us at times, that’s why we have Geeks Squads, IT guys, and the like. In the meantime, don’t get your coupons all in a bunch, you will still get your discounts! Be appreciative of the fact that Target accepts multiple coupons per item, and give them a chance to fix their computer problems before you right off the French…er…I mean, the entire company.


    A Loyal Target Guest

  2. allison says:

    I had a hard time today at my Target, it said $1/3 cans of Alpo dog food. They were .69 cents each so the cashier said that I could only get .69 cents for the coupon.. Hello, it says $1, she had to call the manager over and the manager said to take the $1 off. The cashier actually got mad and wouldn’t even look at me after this!!! What did I do?? This happened today in georgia!!!

  3. Heather Cook says:

    They don’t even train their cashiers on how to honor the customers coupons correctly..I don’t know how many times that I’ve shopped at Target and they tell me “you can’t use that coupon because it’s more than the item costs” YOU ARE SUPPOSSED TO ADJUST IT DOWN! It says so right in Target’s corporate coupon policy! And alot of times I will have 1 target coupon and 1 manufacturer coupon for 1 item and they tell me “ can only use one coupon per item..” It says in the Target coupon policy that 1 TARGET COUPON and 1 MANUFACTURER COUPON can be combined to purchase an item. So now I have to start carrying a print out of Target’s coupon policy..this is just ridiculous Target.. TRAIN your employees!

  4. ts says:

    they do not even honor thier own coupons correctly. they just hope you will not notice. and the cashiers do not pay attention, they are just interested in getting you through the line as quick as posible so their numbers look good.

  5. maddie says:

    wow, Target, you are pathetic!

  6. Julie says:

    I had an incident on Sunday. I bought 9 bags of dog treats and used 9 coupons. The cashier wasn’t going to allow me to use all 9 coupons until the manager said that it was okay. You also need to check your receipt to make sure that you are being charged the correct price. For three weeks I purchased the same items, and each time the prices did not come up as the price marked on the shelf. I made sure that I did pay the tagged price. It is not my fault if they don’t correct and change the posted prices.

  7. charsvette says:

    I sooooo freakin’ hate this store! I haven’t been in there in probably 5 years, ever since they kicked the Salvation Army kettle bell ringers out over Christmas. And don’t forget when they fired one of their security guards for doing his job in apprehending a shoplifter. And now shoppers need to double-check their receipts before leaving the store? PATHETIC. This store should be ashamed of itself. The French hate us Americans, so why patronize them?

    1. Lisa says:

      When you shop at Target you aren’t patronizing the French. Target is an American owned corporation. The headquarters are in MN, I believe.

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