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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Kentucky Fried Chicken’s first ever bun-less chicken breast sandwich, the “Double Down”, has reached a new low … the bottoms of undergraduate females.

To help promote the 540 calories of this original recipe, KFC recruited and paid $500 to willing female college students from Indiana, Virginia and Colorado to wear their Double Down gear, in hopes that men will take a double take, and try something new.

The women who were picked as ambassadors for the new Double Down sandwich were selected through a Facebook competition held by KFC. While the campaign hasn’t reached any local campuses, some women we spoke to on Penn’s Campus don’t like the idea.

“There’s no way to stop this unless people change their habits of buying,” said Penn Graduate Student Lauren Willis. “Sex always sells, especially with men.”

“Are you trying to imply that girls have fat butts because we eat too much chicken,” asked Rhode Thomas of Philadelphia?

KFC’s Public Relations Director Rick Maynard said the reaction they received to the program has been positive.

“We received about 600 inquiries from colleges all across the country. The three campuses that were selected were Indiana University, James Madison University and Colorado State University,” said Maynard.

“While this method of campus outreach is new to our brand, the idea of branding t-shirts and sweatpants is certainly not. Apparel companies and sororities have been doing that for years.”

“Looking at girls’ bottom isn’t going to make me buy the sandwich,” said David Mechaea of Philadelphia. “If I like the sandwich, I’m going to get it regardless.”

While KFC’s campaign may not work on some of the men at Penn’s Campus, marketing executives say there is some meat to this message.

“I think it’s an effective campaign, but again, not in the greatest taste,” said President of AgileCat Marketing Company Peter Madden.

“The KFC brand used to stand for wholesome, family picnic. Now it’s entering another realm.”

Reported by: Jericka Duncan, CBS 3

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