By Brad Segall

UPPER MORELAND, Pa. (CBS) — A routine traffic stop in Upper Moreland has resulted in the arrest of a man police say is wanted in several states for identity theft and credit card fraud. He’s now behind bars in Montgomery County, Pa. on $100,000 bail.

And police say the two men in the car tried to send them on a wild goose chase so they could get away from the car stop without being caught. But an alert 911 dispatcher realized a call reporting a nearby robbery was coming from the car that was stopped.

Further investigation revealed the man in the car was Herman Jackson (above), of Ohio. Upper Moreland police chief Thomas Nestel calls the 33-year-old man “a professional criminal”:

“He would fly to different cities and go to fitness centers, he would pick the lock of the lockers, take credit cards out without the people knowing that the credit cards were gone.”

randy oatman Accused Flim Flam Man Fails To Elude Upper Moreland CopsThen, using a mobile office in the back of his rental car, he would print up an ID card and use that with the credit card to make purchases at local electronics stores.

Police also seized $14,000 in stolen goods. The driver, identified as Randy Oatman of Florida (right), is also charged.

Reported by Brad Segall, KYW Newsradio.

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