Del. Alcohol Enforcement Chief Resigns After DUI Arrest

DOVER, Del. (AP) — The head of the agency charged with enforcing Delaware’s alcohol laws has resigned after being arrested for drunken driving.

Siobahn Sullivan submitted her resignation letter to Secretary of Safety and Homeland Security Lewis Schiliro on Friday, saying she was resigning effective immediately as director of the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement.

Sullivan was stopped for speeding early Thursday on Route 1 near Lewes and subsequently charged with drunken driving. The 45-year-old Sullivan was released pending arraignment, which is scheduled for Oct. 22., and had been placed on administrative leave with pay.

Sullivan is a retired state police sergeant and was the commander of the executive protection unit assigned to former Gov. Ruth Ann Minner.

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  • OgelThor

    More government criminals. Vote them all out. We’ve got to take back our government.

  • ed

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    Pronunciation Irish pronunciation: [ˈʃɪwaːn̪ˠ] or [ʃəˈvˠaːn̪ˠ]
    Gender Female
    Meaning God’s grace
    Region of origin Ireland, Irish diaspora
    Origin Hebrew יוחנן Yôḥānnān
    Related names Joan, Joanne, Joanna, Jane, John
    Look up Siobhán in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

    Siobhán (Irish pronunciation: [ˈʃɪwaːn̪ˠ] or [ʃəˈvˠaːn̪ˠ]; English pronunciation: /ʃəˈvɔːn/), is a female Irish name. It is an Irish form of Joan, which is derived from the Anglo-Norman Jehanne.[1] Joan is the feminine form of the Old French Johanne, Joanne, from the Latin Ioanna, Iohanna,[2] from the Greek Iōanna.[3] According to the myths, this name was borne by a follower of Jesus.[3]

  • missbosslady

    She retired from one public sector job with full bennies, then falls into another public sector job with another compliment of bennies!

    There’s your “double dip” recession!!

    These leeches are sucking the blood of their fellow Americans and flaunting it our faces!

  • hcool

    Its ok officer, I am a decimated driver!

  • Make My Day

    Any former Cops committing this offense – should get “Double” the punishment….they are supposed to KNOW better!!!

  • A. Steinke

    Someone probably recorded the whole incident on video. And you know what law enforcement types do to people who record them…

    She’s got friends in low places.

  • Words Twice

    For some eye opening information on DUI laws, do a search for Lawrence Taylor.

  • mame my day

    @ssquared…..Something to do with the Irish – so you know she likes her booze!!!!

  • make my day

    @ssquared…..omething to do with the Irish – so you know she likes her booze!!!!

  • Kracker

    Retiring at forty five with full bennies in any public sector job is what is helping to crush all all city and state budgets nobody forced her to be a cop. That’s at least a quarter century of benefits who is going to pay for it. I appreciate her service but lets be real

  • Ian Beveridge


  • tony

    She/s gonna yall RACISM !!!!

  • Robert

    “What is a SIOBAHN anyway..assuming it’s not a typo?”

    Looks to be a typo. Usual spelling is Siobhan. It’s Irish for drunkard, I think.

    • Irish mom

      As a mother of a Siobhan, watch your mouth.
      You don’t think Robert, that’s your problem.

      • charlie harper

        That’s pretty funny…..!

      • Robert

        Clearly you have no sense of humor, at least about this. Time to take a wrap of and relax a little. I suggest an Irish coffee.

  • josh

    i would guess she worked 27 years before she retired and in cop years that is like 40 years of working, get a clue

  • goodrichard

    She was not qualified for her position. That’s called fraud. She should have to return all salary earned while holding that title.

    • josh

      fraud. really that is what you come up with, i can apply for any job and someone hires me then its on them,

  • Ted

    In Boston, we’d know better than to put someone named “Siobahn Sullivan ” in charge of the alcohol..

    • Irish mom

      In Mass., I think the name was Kennedy…..same story different outcome!
      A murdered woman and a career crooked pol!

  • Vince

    45 year old “retired police sargeant”…she should loose her pension. How many people retire at the ripe old age of 45?

    • josh

      my dad retried at 22 years in the navy, a lot of enlisted people retire at 38, granted their retirement isn’t great, but they retire and get a new job

    • Sam

      watch out for those loose pensions!

  • Sara





  • ssquared

    What is a SIOBAHN anyway..assuming it’s not a typo?

    • Captain Incredulous

      It’s pronounced phonetically as “Shiv vaughn”. I believe its roots are Celtic.

  • brian

    Honest officer, I haven’t been drinking….

  • privatouring

    She was bewitched.

  • walter12

    Ah, Life in Phily, ain’t it great.

    • baglady

      Philly? Areticle clearly says Dover, Del

  • lupe

    Do was we say, not as we do.

  • NORM

    What happened? Was she so drunk that she forgot her badge at home?I’m glad she was arrested as too often these people get off because of who they are. No one should be above the law.


    Oh Boy !!!. I hope she lose her driver license for min. 1 year, Be required to attend AA meetings for min. 2 years, Pay big fine, Serve community service, Not be allowed to hold a job in the capacity she held.

    • John

      Not a Chance – They Take Care of Their Own

    • Sonja

      It shows us all that we are all human, capable of falling short of expectations. I hope through her plight and resignation, she will pursue help regarding her drinking problem. There is no need to keep falling short in something that keeps us from a good life, humans can dust themselves off and climb out of the holes they get themselves into. I pray for her resilience to be able to do so.

      Those who are perfect and never fall short, cast the first stone. With that, I declare this comment area a “stone free” area… lol…

      • Il Bui

        I’ll cast a boulder. I don’t commit violent crimes, PERIOD! Willingly breaking the law isn’t “falling short of expectations”. I bet you’d be singing a different tune if your child was killed by one of these people you felt are “falling short of expectations”.

      • Ace

        When it comes to DUI, I AM perfect and I dont mind throwing that stone.

      • Obsidian

        How do you know she has a drinking problem? Do you know Siobahn Sullivan personally?

      • Jim

        Why is it anytime a person is stopped for DUI, you people immediately say they have a drinking problem. Could it be that anyone who has a drink or two could be stopped under the current laws? At least she did the admiral thing and stepped down pending her hearing.

      • Eddie

        Alcoholism and Drug Addiction are both at critical levals in all walks of life. Sadly, so many are both Booze and Druggies at the same time which one can not toss off by themselves. I’ll pray for her and all others in his like manner.

      • SGM WEM

        I am not a “perfect” man but I will never be caught DUI cause I don’t drink. This perfect example of how this country is going to hell.

      • tim

        I pray for her too, to err is human, to forgive, Divine.

      • Gorio

        Obviously Sonja, your compassion rules out personal responsibility for the so called authority figures in government. She did the right thing, she failed her community by violating the law, she resigned, shows courage and understanding for her wrong doing. As for throwing stones, if she attempted to stay in office, then we could do that.

      • Jim in Houston

        Tim: To error is human to forgive is divine – neither of which is legal policy.

    • Mark Matis

      As if THAT’s gonna happen!

    • Headlockness

      Boy, they’re strict.

    • Steve

      Yes and like many other retired law enforcement people this one will never see a trial and the charges will be dropped since they are allowed to retire without paying the consequences. On top of that they’ll receive that bloated pension many cops utltimately receive.

    • Deborah Springborn

      How about she loses her drinking license and commit to permanent abstinence for the rest of her life, as well as the suggestions below of lost pension and suffer the AA meetings where the establishment sends all common drunks, where they will tell her how powerless she is and suffering from some mysterious disease, which we who have quit our addictions using Rational Recovery know better and call it like it is: stupidity, illegal conduct, immorality to drive drunk and endanger all of us and who stand taller by quitting forever, knowing that if we should become stupid and drink again, the law should take stronger action against us because we deliberately got drunk again despite the harm, we know from past experience, that we would do to innocent society around us. Lock her up and throw away the key until she commits to planned permanent abstinence.

      • Deborah Springborn


        What’s not to understand? You obviously are an educated person and can recognize a long sentence when you see one.

        Anyone can permanently quit an addiction immediately if they know how to do it. The problem is that our society has bought into the disease concept of addiction rather than getting back to original family values of decent behavior and morals.

        No one decides to drive drunk until they are drunk. She knew before she started drinking that she is a problem drinker and therefore she deliberately drank and drove and thankfully didn’t kill or harm anyone.

        She should lose her drinking license forever. I learned how to do that independently when I found Rational Recovery.

        By the way, are you a member of AA?

      • Jester

        You may have set the record for “World’s Longest Sentence”. Next time, please attempt to write something that makes sense.

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