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Nutter Wants Power to Appoint PHA Board Members

Mayor Nutter travels to Harrisburg today to testify on reforming the troubled Philadelphia Housing Authority. Nutter’s prescription: give the mayor power to appoint all the board members.

Mayor Nutter will testify before the state House Urban Affairs Committee at a hearing prompted by the controversies surrounding — and dismissal of — PHA director Carl Greene. Nutter will tell the lawmakers that the PHA is broken:

“The governance structure of the Philadelphia Housing Authority is antiquated, does not work, provides virtually no accountability to anyone for any of the activities of the management or the board.”

Nutter will urge the lawmakers to reform the PHA, including giving the mayor of the city the ability to appoint all five board members. Currently just two of five are chosen by the mayor. The current chairman, John Street, appointed himself just before his last term as mayor ended.

Reported By Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio


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  1. Clean up Philly says:

    It’s not fair to the tenants to have PHA housing that is run down, unsafe, and druggy. A recent HUD audit found that more than half of all PHA housing is probably “materially unsafe” in the Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher program.

    HUD funding since 1980 has increased 377%. Why does public housing still look like this in my neighborhood? Where did the money go? See the short videos for yourself:

  2. Clean up Philly says:

    The PHA housing in my neighborhood is a disgrace. Most PHA housing is not the stuff you see on the news. That’s only 22% of all PHA housing, less than a quarter. Most PHA housing is run down, more likely than other houses to be druggy, blighted, and killing off the equity the city needs to justify the property tax increases for better schools and services. Now some people like it that way, including the current members of the PHA Board. But it is taxpayer funded blight. See for yourself:

  3. clean up Philly says:

    I agree that the mayor should appoint the members of the PHA Board. Philly is elected a better and better caliber of mayor also.

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