Doctor Faces Charges Of Trading Drugs For Sex

TELFORD, Pa (CBS) — Stacey Coffey’s life still brings smiles to her mother.

“Stacey was a great kid,” said her mother, Susan Landis. “Loved her very much.”

But her death sparks a mixture of sadness and anger.

“We love Stacey and just want to see justice done,” she added.

stacey coffey Doctor Faces Charges Of Trading Drugs For Sex

Landis’s daughter died of a drug overdose in April, after prosecutors said she got a prescription for six addictive drugs from Doctor Harris Newman.

“He abused the doctor-patient relationship,” said Landis, accustomed now to holding back tears.

Doctor Newman faces charges of giving drugs to addicts, Prescribing drugs in bad faith, and more. Prosecutors said he also traded drugs for sexual favors. Court records say a confidential informant would get prescriptions from Newman. Then “she estimated she had sexual intercourse with Newman in his offices a ‘couple hundred times.'”

Dr. Newman’s Family Practice Center in Telford was open on Thursday, and the doctor was in seeing patients.

“He’s with patients right now,” said one employee when Eyewitness News asked to speak with him.

“He told me to tell you he has nothing to say,” she said a few minutes later.

Instead, his patients spoke for him, coming to his defense.

“I’m very happy. He’s a good doctor,” said Brunhilde Stanton. “I’ve never felt anything of what you’re saying about it.”

But nothing can sway Susan Landis.

“I can’t comprehend it,” she said, “because this is someone that she went to for care.”

She said her oldest daughter told Dr. Newman to stop giving Stacey drugs. But Stacey got more the next day.

She died five days later.

Dr. Harris Newman is due back in court December 2.

Reported By: Oren Liebermann, CBS 3


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  1. ANONYMOUS says:

    Obviously he has helped some and hurt some. Unfortunately this help took someone’s life. She overdosed “three times” and is an addict so what business did he have prescribing her 6 addictive drugs? There is no “good” doctor who would prescribe narcotics to an addict. Any narcotic MISUSED would cause ANYONE to overdose. No “good” doctor would prescribe those kinds of meds for a long period of time. If these type of drugs were prescribed at a long period of time it is usually done by a pain specialist and not a DO. So those of you who are defending this man what kind of drugs is he giving you? I know what he gave me. Fortunately I have switched doctors and don’t need narcotics to manage my pain.

  2. Another victims sister says:

    My family has also been destroyed by Dr. Newman. He continued to give my sister a drug that she was highly allergic to. She was in and out of hospitals for the last three years over 6 times. She would become psychotic every time she took this pill. He continued to prescribed even after we called his office several times. I would call daily and set appointments up under her name knowing she would not come and hope he would stop seeing her. I feel his office staff should also take responsibility and be punished for allowing this practice. You can’t tell me that they did not know. I have left many messages on their answering service. My niece spoke with the police on more than one occasion. Her husband also told the police. I hope he gets everything he desires. He should be hit with a large fine.

  3. Angry says:

    Dr. Newman has been my Dr for 5 years and I have known his family for over 20yrs. He helped me out in so many ways where other Dr.s didnt care and infact he helped me get off of opiate pain killers and improved my life. Dr Newman is to smart to do something like this and I feel that there is some type of deception or dishonesty going on. Anyone that really knows Dr. Newman knows that he will be ok cause he is innocent.

  4. Joe says:

    It sounds like Stacey had a history of drug problems and three overdoses prior to this occurance. The drugs prescribed to her from Doc would not be enough to OD there was obviously some illegal or stronger prescribed drugs mixed in that has nothing to do with her Dr. Doc is a good man with a good family and I will continue to support them until justice is served, this is America and we are all innocent until proven guilty. Further more this country is in bad shape when everytime an irresponsible person harms them selves the first course of action is to scapegoat someone who there loved ones might profit off of. We love you Doc and we are here for you until justice is properly served.

  5. JEAN says:


  6. Lizzie says:

    It”s freaking pathetic that we can’t even trust our own doctor. I didn’t have him as my doctor, thank God, but my heart goes out to his victims. Justice will be served either in this life or on his judgment day. It will not go unnoticed.

  7. Do not support Dr Harris Newman says:

    Stacey Coffey was my cousin. She was a beautiful soul, who was a young mother, a sister, a daughter, and had many friends. Dr Harris Newman is a disgrace to the medical community, and I hope he is prosecuted to the fullest. This disgusting, vile, deceptive pervert is out on bail, and free to walk the streets. He could still be abusing his patients, and its pathetic that he is still allowed to practice. I empathize with the other victims out there, and theyre families. I URGE any other victims to come forward, call the police, and get this creep where he belongs- behind bars. December 2nd cant come soon enough, and we will continue to grieve until justice has been served.

  8. KARMA says:

    He was my doctor… had me prescribed to the same medications. He suggested I “Stay after office hours”. When I refused he stopped prescribing me my medications that I do have a valid medical reason to take. I will follow up with the police station tomorrow.

  9. June says:


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