Analysis: Dems Need Big Wins In Philly To Have A Shot This Fall

(CBS) – With Election Day right around the corner, desperation has already arrived for some local candidates.

Voters head to the polls in exactly four weeks, but the Republicans are claiming that they have an advantage in absentee ballots in Pennsylvania. They say 47-percent of requests for absentee ballots in Pa. are coming from Republicans, opposed to 41-percent from Democrats. Of course, no one knows how the absentees will vote.

Democrats are pumped up that President Obama will rally on Sunday in Germantown, although county chair persons were hoping he would visit the suburbs — especially Bucks County where Congressman Patrick Murphy is fighting for political survival.

The battle for Arlen Specter’s senate seat heats up. Joe Sestak’s campaign is trying to close an average survey deficit of six to nine points against Republican Pat Toomey.

Despite suburban hopes, the facts are clear, statewide Democrats like Sestak and gubernatorial candidate Dan Onorato, who is up against Republican Tom Corbett, need a 300,000 plurality in Philadelphia to have a chance.

In South Jersey, money is pouring in quickly to the John Adler campaign, the incumbent Democrat is trying to fend off his Republican opponent Jon Runyan.

Reported By Larry Kane, KYW Newsradio


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  1. Chris says:

    The excuse of uncertainty is a very poor excuse. The Obama Administration is very CLEAR, it passed the Health Care Reform, the Financial Reform, the Credit Card Reform, the Banking Reform, and it has passed all sorts of tax breaks for small businesses, therefore anyone that owns a company and can READ should know what to expect and act accordingly. Now, as for the ad running on television that shows a man digging a hole and claiming that we are creating more debt, —- The man is actually digging the FOUNDATION for a BETTER America, an america that has universal health care, high-speed transportation, great schools and teachers, secure fire and police protection, and is moving forward in its attempt to get off of foreign oil, and to stop corporate pollution of the air we breathe, water we drink, and land on which we live. Spend a $1 now and it will save or return $100 in the future. Not spend a $1 to fix a broken bridge, and pay $10,000,000 later to replace it, which do you prefer??

  2. Chris says:

    The USA is in a TEMPORARY situation that took years to create and will take a few years to fix; and our local governments are RAISING TAXES, and CUTTING SERVICES in their efforts to make up for the lack of tax income due to corporations laying off millions of people. BUT, what happens when the UE goes back to the normal of 5.5% ? Will we rehire and reinstate the Services, and will we REDUCE the taxes? The answer can be found in the Ronald Reagan years, NO…. Reagan caused a 3 to 5 times increase in state and local taxes, and these NEVER got reduced when the economy improved and returned to the pre-Reagan years…..

  3. june says:

    It’s time to kick the dems out of Philly. What have they done for us lately — or ever? Maybe a republican will do something different.

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