One-On-One With Christine O’Donnell

BRANDYWINE HUNDRED, Del. (CBS) – Christine O’Donnell made an appearance at her new campaign headquarters in Delaware on Friday and Eyewitness News was able to speak with her and ask some tough questions.

O’Donnell certainly is getting a lot of attention in this, her third run for the U.S. Senate in Delaware.

But not all of the attention is friendly.

Two weeks ago, a ground called CREW — Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington — filed a complaint against O’Donnell.

The complaint included a statement from David Keegan, a former O’Donnell financial advisor, alleging she used campaign funds for personal expenses.

Gas, meals … a trip to a bowling alley, which was labeled a “travel expense,” the complaint said.

Eyewitness News poured over the records dating back to January 2009 and had a number of questions.

For instance: Why has her campaign paid $15,000 in rent for a Greenville apartment where she lived?

Ben Simmoneau: “The campaign paid $15,000 in rent for a townhouse where you lived.”

Christine O’Donnell: “Well, that townhouse is our office where several of the campaign staffers lived.”

The Federal Election Commission says campaign funds cannot be used for a candidate’s personal use, including rent.

O’Donnell has only reimbursed the campaign for $1,500, roughly 10 percent of a year’s rent.

Simmoneau: “That’s a lot of rent money for a location where you lived, and I saw you only reimbursed about $1,500 worth?”

O’Donnell: “Yeah but a lot of our staff lives there. If you notice, we’ve got half these people working on our staff live at Greenville place, and they’re twisting the accusations.”

The interview was then cut off, but Simmoneau was able to ask one more question:

Simmoneau: “There’s questions about the bowling alley trip for $19 in Bucks County.”

O’Donnell: “Have you never appreciated your volunteers? Have you never taken your volunteers out?”

For any more campaign finance questions though, or to look at those specific receipts, Simmoneau was told to call O’Donnell’s attorney, who is based in Washington, D.C.

Simmoneau asked her to provide more information about $3,500 in payments to O’Donnell’s mother and payments to O’Donnell herself. In addition, two payments to O’Donnell’s former landlord when she lived in a Wilmington home.

The attorney says she will need time to respond to the request.

Eyewitness News also looked through Democrat Chris Coons’ campaign records, but we did not find expenses that raised the same questions.

Reported By: Ben Simmoneau, CBS 3


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  1. babina says:

    Seen her new advertisement? I don’t get it. She’s me? She is not a witch? Everything we have heard isn’t true? Do you think she even realizes she is the one that has said what we are hearing? Could she be that delusional?

    She said she dabbled in witchcraft. She said she her chosen religion would have been Hari Krishna and the only reason it wasn’t was she did not want to be a vegetarian because she likes meatballs. She said she had a high education background that turns out is completely untrue. She said she did not spend campaign money illegally or inappropriately yet her campaign finance filings she filed prove she did spend campaign money illegally and inappropriately. She said China was plotting to take over America and claimed to have classified information about the country to prove the claim that she couldn’t divulge.

    If she did posses classified information regarding a threat to our nation by China and did not notify the authorities, well, wouldn’t that be considered treason?

    Local Philadelphia CBS3 Eyewitness News reporter Ben Simmoneau asked Christine O’Donnell legitimate questions regarding her campaign finance filings which CBS3 Eyewitness News investigated. She did not provide any answers and they referred the reporter to her attorney. CBS3 also investigates Chris Coons’ campaign finance filings and found no irregularities.

    It is inconceivable how conservatives will defend the indefensible no matter how flawed a candidate they present.

  2. PTAMom says:

    Simmoneau: “There’s questions about the bowling alley trip for $19 in Bucks County.”

    The National Democratic Senate Committee is buying advertising time in Delaware but not in the states where the Senate races are all but lost for the Democrats.

  3. Ray says:

    I’ll bet a review of the first five comments finds they all have the same IP address. Christine O’Donnell is the candidate who has a lot of controversial background issues, who directs further questions “to her attorney”, who has otherwise avoided the media (aside from FOX News) and is so far a candidate far outside the mainstream who hasn’t been forthcoming, appears to have a large number of skeletons in her closet that she’d rather keep in the closet and who hasn’t come out with ANY specifics on how she’ll tackle the issues that most Americans are concerned about right now. In essence, she’s a ghost of a candidate.

  4. Jim says:

    Why is it you won’t report on O’Donnell’s policies and platform, such as tax and spending reductions, strong national defense, closing our southern border, repealing ObamaCare? Why not report on her Democrat opponent, Chris Coons, whose policies are NO tax cuts, supporting ObamaCare and Tax and Trade? Furher, his only claim to fame in New Castle County is doubling property taxes!
    Oh, wait–you are a part of the State-controlled media! I don’t suppose you can guess which network and affiliate we won’t be watching?

  5. jack says:

    what an unfair and biased report. to imply that christine is some kind of crook is beyond biased. stick to covering the issues.

  6. Jose Samuel says:

    This is utterly disturbing comment. You guys should stop showing such ones. You are very much biased against ODonnell

  7. Disgusted says:

    Another smear campaign. Quit being biased and report worthy news. I am sure you can’t find anything wrong with any of the democrats running. You all are the same-disgusting and not worth watching!

  8. Ginny says:

    Of course you didn’t!! Another typical liberal biased “story” from CBS!

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