2 Men, 1 Woman Sought in Fairmount Park Abduction, Rape

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –Philadelphia police are looking for three suspects wanted in connection with the abduction and rape of a 28-year-old mother from the city’s Lawncrest section.

Police say the victim, who owns two daycare centers, was returning to her home on Lawndale Avenue on Monday night when she was grabbed from behind, blindfolded, and thrown into a vehicle.

Police say two men and a woman took the victim to a unknown location where she was bound to a chair and put into a closet.

darby photo mcdev 2 Men, 1 Woman Sought in Fairmount Park Abduction, RapeCapt. John Darby, of the Philadelphia Police Department’s special victims unit (right), says the woman had two cell phones; the captors took one but the other remained in her purse, and she was eventually able to gain access to it.

Darby says she called a family member but didn’t know her location.

“East Detectives picked up the investigation at that point,” said Darby, adding, “Another contact, somebody she knows, also received a phone call overnight demanding $20,000 in ransom for her return.”

Darby says police think it was not a random act — the victim was targeted in an extortion scheme.

“The clothing she is wearing is pulled over her eyes. This individual takes hold of her, she is put into — she believes is a van because she heard a sliding door — and taken from the scene.”

Police say the woman was raped by one of the men. Appromximately 21 hours after her abduction, she was found on Tuesday night by a group of women walking in Fairmount Park. She was partially clothed and bound. No ransom was paid.

The victim was taken to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, where she was treated.

Police say the victim has now been released from the hospital and they are hoping anyone with information will call Philadelphia Police at 215-686-TIPS or the Special Victims Unit at 215-685-3251.

Investigators emphasize they need help from eyewitnesses because the victim, blindfolded for most of her ordeal, was able to provide very little descriptions of her attackers or their vehicle.

Reported By: Walt Hunter, CBS 3; Al Novack and John McDevitt, KYW Newsradio

Photo #2 by John McDevitt


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  1. frides says:

    It is so sad. I hope they will catch him
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  2. June says:

    @Anthony, not necessarily, but maybe. I wondered if it was someone she may know, or know of, that’s usually the way. Thank God she’s alive, but I am sure she is so very traumatized. My heart goes out to her. What a harrowing ordeal.

  3. Bob BoDean says:

    Lawncrest is now a ghetto. No difference between that and West Philly.

    1. Live2love says:

      Lawncrest that i live in is NOT a ghetto. My street has registered nurses, police officers and firefighters. Employed, mostly 2 parent families. Nice homes and manicured lawns. What r u talking about? I make $65,000 a yr (before my hubbys salary) the people we purchased this house from worked at ACME..stop labeling people based on your perception of a community because its black. Not everyone here is on section 8 and standing on corners. Mind your area @ June…i totally agree.

  4. Anthony says:

    Re description: She had to know. The thugs had to talk during the ordeal. Two sentences and any Philadelphia adult would immediately know the race.

  5. june says:

    oh, btw cbs, good job on your 11pm news, which gave away the victims identity by showing her home and saying what she did for a living. You did the same with the blind woman who was raped. You need to be more respectful in protecting these people’s identities!

  6. june says:

    @Amber, they updated the article since then. When I read it, it was very brief and didn’t list two suspects etc.

    I agree about the description, but if she was blindfolded, she may not know. Usually, if they take you to another location, they kill you….

  7. RedIvoryGreen says:

    Abducted from the Northeast and dropped off in West Philadelphia….I have to think about this one some more.

  8. Anthony says:

    Why no description of the thugs?

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