PHILADELPHIA (CBS 3) – “How could this happen to her?”

That’s what Upper Merion High School Varsity Softball coach Katie Schneider wanted to know. She was talking about 19-year-old Jessica Moore, a Seton Hall sophomore who was fatally shot Friday night at an off campus party.

CBS 3’s Robin Rieger reports Moore spent her junior and senior years at Upper Merion High School, where Schneider and John Whitney coached her.

“I was stunned”, says Whitney when he learned of Moore’s death.
He says Moore was a joy to coach, a team captain and all around great student.

Police say she was one of five people shot when a man who didn’t have the cover charge for the party was asked to leave. He returned firing a gun.

Moore died from her injuries Saturday.

Schneider, also a math teacher said she didn’t have Moore in class but that she would come visit anyway just to say ‘hi.’

Her teammates, according to Whitney, are compiling photos of Moore’s two years at Upper Merion for a memorial. The coaches say they will create an annual athletic award to be given in Jessica’s honor.

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