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By Jim Donovan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS3) – New regulations are being proposed in Philadelphia that would revamp tow truck practices. 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan has reported about problems with tow trucks in the city and has the latest details.

Earlier this yearm Councilman Jim Kenney pushed legislation that would require a ticket be issued by an enforcement agency before a vehicle can be towed from private lots, private property, and driveways. That law was signed by Mayor Michael Nutter earlier this week and goes into effect in mid-November.

Now the Councilman wants to change how tow trucks are called following a crash.

You may recall the run-in that I had with a South Philly tow truck operator a few months ago who had originally charged a family almost $800 dollars for a five mile tow. That company was shut down by Philadelphia Licenses and Inspections Department for license violations.

Now Councilman Jim Kenney wants to revamp a rotational towing system, hoping to stop tow trucks from racing to accident scenes to solicit work.

Kenney says, “The big change will be that any car that is towed after an accident would be taken to one of the four parking authority impoundment lots.”

Kenney says this will help ensure the chain of custody, adding, “People would have a 24 hour 7 day a week opportunity to get their car back and that there would be a dependable, comprehensive approach to this system.”

Councilman Kenney is proposing that the Parking Authority administer the new rotational towing program. The Parking Authority would inspect and approve all tow trucks. Companies wanting to be on the rotation list would have to apply. The Parking Authority would be responsible for dispatching trucks, according to whatever company is next up on the list.

In the early 90’s, tow truck companies banded together and lobbied city council against passing a rotation list. We’ll keep you posted on this latest effort.



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