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ceo Attempt To Remove CEO of DRPA Fails, For Now

An effort to remove John Matheussen (photo) as CEO of the Delaware River Port Authority went down in flames, although it’s clear his support on the board is on shaky ground.

KYW’s David Madden reports that Pennsylvania commissioner John Dougherty called for Matheussen’s ouster, citing a lack of candor on a number of issues including an ongoing federal probe of the agency. Matheussen was none too happy about bringing that up.

“When you throw out pieces of information, Commissioner Dougherty, that would elude someone to think that I am being criminally investigated, you’ve stepped across the line.”

(Dougherty) “I never said that.”

(Matheussen) “No, it’s my turn, Commissioner Dougherty. I didn’t interrupt you. Don’t interrupt me. Don’t interrupt me. I didn’t interrupt you.”

(Dougherty) “You’re losing your cool.”

(Matheussen) “No I’m not.”

The vote, 12-2 to retain him, for now. Free bridge tolls were also reinstated, 100 a year to union workers with that perk in their contract. Free commuter crossings for all workers were also restored pending a review and some suggest likely veto from New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

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