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Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid sits down with Merrill Reese and Howard Eskin and discuss the game with The Green Bay Packers and the injuries to Kolb, Weaver, Bradley and Jackson.


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  1. Larry Larson says:

    Yeah after seeing Kolb for one half we can all make the assessment that he is not a good QB and that we need Vick to be our QB. Vick has shown he can lead a team to the playoffs and be successful because all of those playoff wins he has under his belt say so. Oh and yeah he is a great West Coast offense QB!!! He showed that by running for 100 yds on Sunday!

  2. hector matias says:

    I really think kevin kolb should be
    Riding the bench cus he is not ready
    For the pros.worst thing I seen frm
    The eagles Qb position since ty detmer
    Only worse lol

  3. Chris says:

    Andy Reid should be fined 1 Million dollars for putting Bradley back into the game. That unreal that a coach would put a player back into a game after he could stand up.
    He doesn’t care about his players.

  4. Cornell Bailey says:

    I am a loyal fan living in Atlanta. I have been a loyal fan since my 22 years I spent in the Military. While I am not happy with Kevin Kold being injured, I am elated at the fact that we have a backup who can get the job done. I think Michael Vick should start. He’s clearly the man for the job. I’m sure the rest of the fans feel that way.

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