The Delaware River Port Authority has once again halted the practice of allowing employees to cross the bridges or ride PATCO for free unless they’re on the job.

drpa tolls 4 sign No More Free Rides, Perks for DRPA Employees

KYW’s David Madden reports that there seemed to be some confusion over the authority’s decision to end the perk last month.

A memo from one of the bridge managers suggesting ways workers could bypass paying a toll to or from work brought quick action from DRPA CEO John Matheussen. He believes some thought the end of the perk only applied to the 100 free passages a year they had received.

Here’s what the board meant:

“They also wanted to have our employees treated as we would treat any customer commuting from one side of the river to another to go back and forth to work.”

And just so we’re clear — the only free rides they’ll get now apply to crossings and PATCO trips while they’re on the job. Two unions have filed objections to the change, contending the benefit is part of their contract.

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