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This week, in a world of Mapquest, Google Maps and a chattering GPS, KYW’s Jay Lloyd considers the getaway role of the trusty paper map.

Folding a map can be a challenge.  But there’s no equal to it for planning the fine points of a getaway or getting an overview of a city or region.

lloyd mary maps dl Jay Lloyd's Getaway:  Don't Overlook the Map

(Mary Lloyd browses at Franklin Maps.)

However, as David Amsterdam of Franklin Maps in King of Prussia, Pa. notes, youthful travelers might disagree:

“We have younger generations that have never seen or do not know how to use a paper map.”

And conversely, some well-seasoned travelers are mystified by GPS.

But as Amsterdam points out, electronic navigation and Internet directions have their limits:

“Are you going to get that big picture of where you are, where you’ve been, where you need to go, where you’d like to go?  Probably not.”

And most city maps today detail public transportation routes.  Laminated maps solve the folding dilemma. Today’s biggest seller, Amsterdam say, is still the venerable US Road Atlas.

(Photo by KYW’s Jay Lloyd)

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