Mayor Nutter wants to set the record straight — the city is not chasing after bloggers to get them to pay the city’s business tax.

KYW’s Mike Dunn reports that Mayor Nutter insists that the Revenue Department is not singling out bloggers.  This, despite reports that have swept the country, fueled — perhaps — by bloggers. What the city is doing, he says, is going after people who report business income to the federal government but do not also apply for Philadelphia’s Business Privilege License — a group that may include some bloggers:

“This has nothing to do with blogging. It has to do with business. If you’re paying taxes to the federal government, you should be paying taxes to the city of Philadelphia. That’s all this is about.”

Revenue Department officials says any freelance business must get a business license, either for fifty dollars a year or a lifetime license for three hundred dollars.

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