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As part of Ramadan, students at Drexel University took part in Fast-a-Thon — raising awareness of the Muslim holy month, and also raising money for a good cause.

KYW’s Jim Melwert reports fast-a-thon typically raises money to fight hunger. But Drexel Muslim Student Association president Othmane Rifki, says there’s a more pressing cause this year:

“As the situation in Pakistan is getting serious, so we thought it would be wiser to send the money to Pakistan.”

Rifki points out the Pakistani flooding is affecting more people than the Haiti earthquake or the Indian Ocean tsunami, yet aid has been slow to come:

“Regardless of who we are, regardless of our differences, regardless of our backgrounds, we all have something in common, which is to help other people. It is within us.”

Rifki says as we help people in Pakistan we should also pause to realize the good things in our lives, that we too often take for granted.

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