obama 'Obama' Boardwalk Game Gets Mixed Reaction

Another carnival game is making waves for using President Obama as a target, this one is in the town known for hosting MTV’s Jersey Shore.

KYW’s Jim Melwert reports the game on the Seaside Heights boardwalk is called “Walkin’ Charlie.” 

It features characters like Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Michael Jackson, and President Barack Obama.  And while the object is to throw a ball and hit a plate out of the hand of the caraciture of the president, others chose to aim elsewhere:

(Player:) “I hit him right in the face three times.  I never threw at the plate once.”

Despite that, contestants insist it’s all harmless fun.

The owner of the game agrees and says he doesn’t want to offend anyone.  He adds he has other characters on the way including Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, and Sarah Palin.

This game comes on the heels of an Allentown carnival game where people shot foam darts at a character that many said resembled the President.

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