KYW’s Bob Nelson reports that even though the name Roman Polanski is still in the shadows so far as his private life is concerned, his brilliance as a film director is without question.

He directed the acclaimed Rosemary’s Baby and Chinatown. And now his latest movie, the tense thriller The Ghost Writer, come out this week on video.

ghost writer Home Video Report:  Polanski's Latest on DVD
Ewan McGregor (above) gives a powerful performance as a hack writer hired to spice up the life of a retired British prime minister.  There are extra features in both the standard and Blu-ray editions.

Also out this week, Nicolas Cage is featured in Kick-Ass, an action-adventure about a band of do-it-yourself super-heroes.  The Blu-ray edition is available with a “bonus feature.”

A Prophet, an Oscar-nominated best foreign language feature, is a riveting jailhouse drama from France.

Pandora & The Flying Dutchman, a dream-like romance from 1951, features Ava Gardner and James Mason.  There is a Blu-ray restoration from Eastman House.

Then there’s “The Kim Novak Collection,” a box of five films from the late ’50s.  Pal Joey is included; Vertigo is not.

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