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The makers of the Blackberry are out with their latest smartphone today. It’s called the Blackberry “Torch,” and there’s a lot riding on this pocket-sized gadget.

KYW’s tech reporter Bob Bicknell reports that the Blackberry 9800 Torch might well be the most anticipated Blackberry in years. Not only will the new version feature a touchscreen and slide-out keyboard seen on many other leading smartphones, but also a new operating system.

blackberry 9800 Blackberry Responds to Competition with Latest Phone

Also look for an upgraded web browser, which is built on the same technology that powers Apple’s Safari and Google’s Android browsers.

A Nielsen poll suggests that Research In Motion -– the makers of the Blackberry -– could use something new. More than half of Blackberry users polled said they would buy an iPhone or a Google Android phone next; only
42 percent said they would buy another Blackberry.

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