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by KYW’s Matt Leon

Forward Candice Dupree was one of the best players ever to play at Temple University, and she has developed into one of the best players in the WNBA, now starring for the Phoenix Mercury.

Dupree is averaging 15 points and eight rebounds per game for the Mercury this season, while shooting an incredible 65 percent from the field.

She says the Mercury’s style leads to a lot of easy baskets for her:

“We get out and run a lot, so I think a lot of my points come from layups in transition. My coach here told me, ‘Crash the boards, get the rebounds, and then we want to get out and run.’  So that’s what I try to do.”

Dupree says she has a lot of great memories when she looks back on her career in an Owls’ uniform:

“You know, my teammates, how close we all were and still are. Just the coaches that I had there — you know, great people, great mentors for me. Overall it was just a great experience basketball-wise.”

After graduating from Temple, Dupree was drafted by Chicago in 2006.  She was traded to the Mercury this past offseason, and on Monday she was named the WNBA’s Western Conference “Player of the Week.”

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