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no horses curb mcdev full Heat Wave Forces Tourism Horse Carriages Off Streets

by KYW’s John McDevitt

Thanks to the oppressive heat it’s a day off for some who work outdoors — and that includes animals.
It was 90 degrees in center city Philadelphia by 10am today, and the city has an ordinance that horses need to be off the streets when the temperature reaches 91 degrees.

Today, with the thermometer headed for 100, the animals and the carriages never left the stables.

They won’t be working on Wednesday either, according to Linda Kramer with 76 Carriage Company.  She says the animals are closely monitored:

“The horses receive electrolytes in their water, which is kind of like a Gatorade for horses.  It replaces any nutrients they lost from sweating.  They have a constant supply of water.  We will adjust their diets accordingly so that they get more hay and less grain, because that is a hotter type of feed — just like people typically eat more salads and fruit.”

Kramer says the horses will be routinely hosed down during their day off as well.

(Photo by KYW’s John McDevitt)

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