us flag 640x4801 Philadelphia Celebrates the Birth of the Nationby KYW’s Hadas Kuznits

Philadelphia is where the country’s forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence, and folks say there’s nothing like being here during Independence Day.

“This is where it all started!”

Kuznits: “What do you want to see in Philly?”

“All the historic stuff! You know, the liberty bell, Independence Hall, Betsy Ross, everything!”

“There’s the Declaration and Ben Franklin and all that stuff! Cheesesteaks!”

Kuznits: “Think they had cheesesteaks in 1776?”

“No, we found out they had pepper pot soup at one of the benches, made with tripe.”

Kuznits: “It’s an educational weekend!”

“It is! Absolutely!”

Kuznits: “You ever imagine what it must have been like in 1776?”

“We just came out of the movie, I can’t imagine being back there in that time making a choice which side, being a patriot or not so it’s incredible.”

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