by KYW’s Hadas Kuznits

Starting today, Starbucks coffee shops are offering free wireless Internet access.

The free Wi-Fi came as a happy surprise to this laptop user:

“I was trying to work on my computer expecting to have to log into the AT&T web site and pay however many dollars it is for a couple of hours.  And then it was like, Starbucks Free Wi-Fi! Yay!”

It seems that the free Wi-Fi might be good for Starbucks’ business:

“It certainly made me stay longer, and I’m probably gonna have another cup of coffee in a minute.”

(Kuznits:)  “Why is it important to be able to work on your computer at the coffee shop?”

(User:)  “It’s really hard to work in your own home.  It’s like, I’m trying to rest but I’m trying to work, so there’s a lot of distractions.  So you want to go somewhere that’s quiet.  I can’t stand library quiet, though. So you can get a lot done.”

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