Philadelphia Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. joins Morning team

sportspickle 0485c42bfda0dc382bd7905b207f97e8 Philadelphia Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. joins Morning teamClick More for answers to your Phillies questions..


  • Joe Ballard

    I am signing off the Phillies for the entire month of July to give Reubeb Amaro enough time to get some real pitching. Of course he won’t.
    MY PREDICTION PHILLIES ABOUT A 500 AVERAGE FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH. I hope others will follow because they won’t be missing anything.


  • John

    Ruben always acts like a snake oil salesman on the radio. He doesn’t answer the question but seems to skirt around them. I think the Rollins injury problem stems from Opening Day at home and walking on the street and coming down the iron stairs in center field. Come out of the dugout and run onto the base path when introduced. Knock off the corny stuff. .

  • Pete

    There’s no way Ruben shouldv’e made that trade. Phillipe Aumont is going to be nothing special, Gillies name i never hear about and who the hell is Jc Ramirez

  • Pete

    Leake was out of College Arizona state my bad but still came from the draft to the big leagues

  • Pete

    Dominic Brown is ready, look at Jason Heyward and even young pitchers like Mike Leake coming up to the big leagues out of high school. This is ridicoulous Dominice Brown should be up here

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