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by CBS3’s Jim Donovan for KYW Newsradio 1060

1589489 Consumer Report: Tips for Selling a TimeshareTrying to sell your timeshare? These days that’s easier said than done. The Better Business Bureau is warning owners to be weary of companies that promise to sell timeshares in exchange for an upfront fee.

Michael Galvin is with the BBB:

“We’re talking millions upon millions of dollars that are being taken from the general public on this scam. It is a huge scam.”

The BBB has been flooded with thousands of complaints from timeshare owners who paid hundreds of dollars up front and in the end were still stuck with their timeshares. The BBB says paying a fee in advance of a sale should be a red flag.


“I see how much money these predators are making per week, per year and it’s such a scam it’s incredible”.

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