the stanley cup Is This a DreamIf you would have told me in mid March that the Flyers would be one win away from the Stanley Cup Finals and up 3 games to 1 on the Montreal Canadiens.I would have checked you into an insane asylum. This Flyers team has had ups and downs all season long, At points they have looked like a really good hockey team, and other points looked like it just wasn’t the right mix of players. These playoffs have validated those who predicted a cup final with the Flyers in it. But the real question is how did they get to this point. First, they got in the postseason on the final day of the season with a shootout win over the Rangers. That’s right, I said a shootout win. The Flyers in the past have been subpar in shootouts but somehow found a way to get it done. Next they matched up with the Devils and made quick work of Martin Brodeur in just 5 games. This is where things get crazy. Down 3 games to none, they pull off perhaps the greatest comeback in Philadelphia sports history. It wasn’t enough to come back fom 3 games to none. Hey had to also go down 3-0 in the game 7 on the road and fight there way back and shock the Bruins and the sports world with their resolve. Now the Flyers are leading the Eastern Conference finals and are one away from playing for the most coveted trophy in sports, Lord Stanleys Cup.

Maybe this is one of those magical runs. The Flyers are getting players back on the ice including their inspirational leader Ian Laperierre and top sniper Jeff Carter. If this is one of those runs, we have to give a tremendous amount of credit to the Flyers Head Coach, Peter Laviolette. He is intense when needed and seems to have his players figured out. He knows when and how to motivate this group and continues to out coach each of his adversaries. If this a dream, I don’t want to wake up until a parade goes down Broad Street after 5 more wins.

Jason Myrtetus

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