The Sixers Need To Draft The Kid From Kentucky

demarcus cousins1 The Sixers Need To Draft The Kid From KentuckyThis has been a good week for the 76ers.  On Tuesday, they moved up in the lottery and got the second pick in a very strong NBA draft.  Soon, maybe by the time you read this, they will name former Sixer Doug Collins as their new head coach.  Wouldn’t it be nice to give their new leader the best player in the draft as a welcome home present?

Well, I agree.  And since the best player in the draft, a stud who played only one season at Kentucky, will be available with the second pick, this is a no-brainer.

But Jolly, aren’t the Wizards likely to take John Wall with the first pick?  He won’t be available at number two, will he?  Rest easy, folks.  John Wall is a stud.  He did play only one season at Kentucky.  However, he is not the best player in the draft.  There are some risks associated with the best player in this draft, Wall’s freshman teammate with the Bluegrass Caliparis.  He goes by the name of DeMarcus Cousins.

That’s right, DeMarcus Cousins, man-child.  Six foot eleven, two hundred and ninety pounds.  Better than John Wall, better than Evan Turner.  Derrick Favors?  Good, but not nearly as much physical potential.  More upside, and a better pick, than all of them.  This physical freak has not even started to reach his absurd potential.  Cousins’ stats at Kentucky were impressive, but I am thinking of the future.  So why am I among the only people that think this way?

The answer to this is that people are afraid to project, afraid to fail, and fall in love with the obvious.  Yes, there are negatives to Cousins, and that is why there is some risk involved here.  But if you watched college basketball last season, and don’t feel the way I do, I’m not sure what you were watching. 

So why do nearly all of the national mock draft experts and talking heads favor Wall or Turner, and in some cases others, as well? 

In my opinion, it depends on what you are looking for.  Who is the most exciting player in the draft?  John Wall.  But is he a great shooter?  No.  Is he a great passer?  In my opinion, no.  Is he a great athlete?  Yes.  Is he Derrick Rose?  No!  Is he going to be a wonderful player for many years?  Probably.  Who is the most polished player in this draft?  Evan Turner.  He played three years at Ohio State, and is a really good player.  He can shoot, defend, and handle the ball.  He can play the one, two, or three on the floor.  And the Sixers need shoot……

Wait!  Who cares?  When you are the Sixers, positional needs are IRRELEVANT.  So are specific needs, such as shooting, or rebounding, or anything else.  These are condiments.  The Sixers need a main course, i.e. the best player available, and build around him, Jrue Holiday, and, well, him and Jrue Holiday.  They can find shooters or whatever else they need in other ways.  The Sixers are not filling in the missing pieces here, they are building a team, and this ALWAYS is best served by drafting the best players, figuring out what they can do (as long as they do not completely duplicate what the team already has), and then finding the best condiments that basketball’s salad bar can provide.

Do you build a team around Evan Turner?  Maybe.  Around John Wall?  Maybe.  Around DeMarcus Cousins.  Yes, yes, yes. 

In the NBA, great big men are more important than great small men.  They just are.  The two exceptions to this are Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, and neither Wall nor Turner fit this mold, which obviously is rarefied air. 

This kid is nineteen years old, and hasn’t started to get it yet.  He hasn’t grown into his body, and that is normal for a center.  They are almost always later bloomers than guards or forwards, as playing with one’s back to the basket effectively simply takes time.  Dwight Howard was drafted first in 2004, and I love him.  However, his next offensive move will be his first.  His range is the length of his arm.  He is a wonderful player, great on defense, and an animal on the boards, but with basically zero offensive repertoire, save for a baby hook.

DeMarcus Cousins, RIGHT NOW, has better offensive moves than Dwight Howard.  He is huge, strong, has an enormous wingspan, and has soft hands.  He is also lazy on defense at times, immature, could be a touch leaner, and needs better focus on offense, in my opinion.  But the raw skills are there. 

So why, Jolly, if this kid is so good, are Wall and Turner thought of by nearly everyone to be better picks than your guy?  Well, there is the rub.  He is a risk.  There are potential off-court issues.  While his upside is ridiculous, there is downside as well.  With Wall or Turner, there is much less downside, I will give you that.  They are more developed as players, and seem to be good kids.

Folks, I am a risk taker, period.  I go for upside, and for potential, as long as the reward, in my opinion, justifies a risk.  Can the Sixers afford that risk?  I get this, and maybe the answer is no, that they have made too many mistakes, and the safe pick here is the right one, as well.  But to me, the answer is yes.

You wanna be safe?  Buy a tank.  You wanna try to win a championship?  Start with the best players with the most potential, let your new, disciplinarian coach bring out the best in them, and at least you are going in the right direction.  Now, there are many other elements to a championship team, but you have to start somewhere.  And that is simply with a franchise center, someone who, if he reaches his potential, will be FAR AND AWAY the best player in the draft.

There is nothing wrong with John Wall, or Evan Turner.  But neither has the upside of DeMarcus Cousins.  If the background checks pan out, and Cousins is worthy, then the basketball side of the equation says GET HIM to me. 

He is raw.  He is young.  He is immature.  He is also, in my opinion, the best player with the highest upside in the draft.  And he will be available with the second pick.  Why?  As I have stated, in my opinion, people are, generally, in my opinion, more afraid of failing than daring to be great.

Forget John Wall.  He basically duplicates Jrue Holliday, though he is a fantastic talent.  Evan Turner?  He will probably be the Sixers pick and have a good career in Philadelphia.  DeMarcus Cousins?  He is the best player in this draft, with the most potential.  If the team that drafts him can harvest the greatness and sift out the negatives, they will have a superstar for years to come.

With the second pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, the Philadelphia 76ers select…


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  1. Tim says:

    You did not give out Animal Kingdom. You said you like him but he’s never ran on dirt, so you took Midnight Interlude. That was your pick. You also have a real gambling problem.

  2. John says:

    I called Paul in the beginning of the offseason and said the Phillies should sign Magglio Ordonez. He laughed at me and said Ordonez was done, and then cut me off. Last night, you know what he does? HE SAYS THE PHILLIES SHOULD LOOK INTO SIGNING ORDONEZ. What a fcking fraud.

  3. Paul says:

    It’s an insult to the game of basketball to say that Cousins is, was, or ever will be better than John Wall. It is partly my responsibility to relay this message tothe world.

  4. Paul says:

    This is already looking dumb. John Wall is ALREADY the best point guard in the NBA. DeMarcus Cousins will never scratch the surface of what John Wall is.

  5. Matthew says:

    I like the show and you have the most all-around knowledge of various sports of any host on WIP, but sometimes you make some gross exaggerations. On Sunday night, you claimed you had an opinion on any sports team in the world. OK, give me your thoughts on the Japenese rugby team NEC Green Rockets. How about that Serbian volleyball team? The Cousins thing isn’t nearly as bad as proclaiming the Phillies season over 2 weeks ago, or saying Roy Halladay will definitely not win the Cy Young this year. You know win-loss record in baseball is meaningless, right? The voters are beginning to realize it, hence Lincecum winning it with only 15 wins last year. They care about more important things like SO/BB ratio, where Halladay blows everyone out of the water in the NL.

    Some of that is tongue-and-cheek, but dude, just forget all of the strong attention-seeking comments and call it like it is; and please keep your baseball knowledge up to par with all of the other sports, it seems to be lacking just a tad. Win-loss record, seriously?

    Thanks buddy. Take it easy.

  6. scott says:

    For everyone that thinks Evan Turner has tremendous upside, Im not really sure what you have been watching. Yes, he dominated the Big Ten, which is an inferior conference atheletically and his size allowed him to do things he will struggle with in the NBA. He is below average athletically for a shooting guard, he is not quick by any stretch of the imagination, and cannot shoot. He can finish around the rim, but dont we already have that in Iguodala? Cousins is a BEAST who has tremendous upside and Shaq-like size. The Sixers dont need a second rate Iguodala, they need a difference maker, and that is not Turner. He will disappoint, watch.

  7. Andy says:

    Late to the article but could not agree more with you. I love how you said this. “But if you watched college basketball last season, and don’t feel the way I do, I’m not sure what you were watching.” This statement is so true!!!! A lot of people want Turner but I don’t see how you can pass on Cousin.

    I would love to see a starting line up with Holiday and Cousins! That combo would have a potential to be special.

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      Thanks, and Evan Turner should be a wonderful player for years in Philadelphia. Drafts are always fantastic.


      1. Jim says:

        Paul, I wasn’t sure how to contact you other than to call WIP, in which you cut everyone off who does not share the same opinion. Please stop being so absurdly negative on the Phillies. Right now, you are far and away the most negative host on the station. People don’t want to hear that about their defending NL champions. I almost think you do it just to get attention and more calls. Take care buddy.

  8. matts says:

    Right on
    but that is not who the sixers are targeting because favors is supposedly having spectacular workouts, and evan turner is evan turner. If I was ed stefanski I would take the risk and go for cousins. Who knows he could be as good shaq! But the sixers are going to take the safe route and take evan turner. I am pretty sure that is what is going to happen

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      Thanks for the response. As much as I like Cousins and his upside, he is not Shaq. Take care.

  9. Clay says:


    Honestly, I wish I could write a lot on this topic just to go over all the reasons this is ridiculous, but for the sake of rational, logical thinking, I will not. It simply carries no salt, None. In the realm of salt, you’re dousing pepper in your eyes and reality is swimming in the Pacific. The drop off in talent from Turner and Wall is significant, and so is the difference between Favors to Cousins. I have watched a lot of U of Kentucky b-ball. The bottom line is, I am just not seeing what you are seeing. In fact, some may argue that Daniel Orton has more “upside” than Cousins. Furthermore, the upside of Favors is Stoudemire or, better yet, Howard. The upside of Cousins is Derrick Coleman or Benoit Benjamin. In fact, he is probably the the 6th or 7th best player in the draft, and that is considering “upside”. I guess my biggest questions to you is, where is this amazing “upside” that you are seeing? All potential lottery picks have upside (Shawn Bradley and Sharon Wright excluded). Spencer Hawes is more talented, and has none of ther potential personality defects. Mareese Speights is more talented and HAS all those defects.

    What talent am I missing that is more than Evans, Favors, Al-Farouq, Munroe, Johnson . . .BJ Tyler, Mark Hendrickson, Kenny Payne, Sam Clancy Jr. . . you get the picture.

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      We obviously completely disagree, but that is the fun of sports.

  10. Mock1509 says:

    Jolly I think you made alot of good points about Cousins…He was the reason why UK won as many games as they did, b/c when they needed a bucket he was who they went to. And he was by far the most dominating big man in college this past year. But also remember why they got bounced…they couldn’t shoot the ball!!! WVU went zone and UK went 0-20 from deep. I mention that b/c the Sixers can’t shoot a lick either. And as Phoenix demonstrated in this year’s playoff, NBA teams will go zone on ur a** as well and if it wasn’t for KB24 doing what he do(making shots nobody else could dream of) Steve Nash might still be playing. With that said, I think the Sixers need floor balance. And regardless if Cousins is the player that most people believe he should be, teams are still going to do what they’ve been doing to the Sixers, packing everybody into the paint!! So they would still have the same problems offensively that they’ve had for years.
    My second point is if the Sixers were to draft Cousins they would have have to overhaul nearly the entire roster to get him the minutes and touches that he needs to develop. I know me, you, and the entire Sixer fanbase has been screaming for this for a while now. But looking at the landscape of the NBA, and how things are done, it’s going to be very, very hard to do that. Brand is going to be virtually unmovable. And teams, Sixers included, don’t have the money it takes to buy out that contract. Iggy is tradable, but who do you replace him with???A even bigger stiff thats getting paid like a stiff. You can do it, but does it make our team better, maybe, maybe not. Thad is tweener who doesn’t really fit at the 3 or 4. He has to define hisself as player before you can get any kind of value for him. Speights is another big ?. Dalembert comes off the books after this year, but if he could play like he did Post-Haiti and take a pay cut, I think you gotta consider bringing him back. Just cuz 7 fters. are at a premium(especially after seeing what the Lakers been doing to people). Not to mention whatever backcourt issues they’d still have by not taking Turner.
    My last point is that the NBA is a guard driven league now. And you know this Jolly. Brook Lopez was probly the most polished big man coming out of college since Tim Duncan, and how good were the Nets this year?? Al Jeffereson, another really good big man, how far has he taken his team??Yao Ming couldn’t get out the first round until Aaron Brooks emerged and Artest was brought into the mix. I don’t disagree with your assesment of Cousins Jolly, I just think at this time and with this team it wouldn’t be the right fit. I think drafting Cousins would leave this team with more questions than answers, and I don’t trust Ed Stefanski, Ed Snider, and Peter Luuko to come up with right ones.

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      I agree with a lot of your points, except for the guard thing. Good big men can change it.


  11. Bruce says:

    I agree…Cousins. you may have the best insight so far. I also saw this blog that put a different spin on it but also agree at

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      Thanks. It was interesting.


  12. Devin says:

    Hey Jolly,

    I wanted to ask you some questions about poker and broadcasting. Is there a way that I can email you? Or, can you email me? I’m

    If you are too busy or uninterested no problem.



    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      Call me on Friday during my shift from 10PM to 1 AM. I might have a surprise for you.


  13. ike says:

    if we do draft him what do you do with young and brand i think he a freak but can collins control him

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      Cousins is a center. Brand and Young are not. I would try to get rid of Elton’s contract, and Thad to me is a 7th man, with Lou a 6th man. I hope Doug Collins can get the upside out of Cousins, sure, I wouldn’t draft him if Doug does not think he can. Thanks.


      1. Mark says:

        Hey Jolly, can you convince the Wizards of this and leave Wall for us?

      2. Paul Jolovitz says:


        I’ll try!


  14. Philly Matt says:


    I completely agree with you on this subject. Cousins is a man child and could you imagine a front court of Cousins and Speights? Clearly Brand is not the future of this team and moving him will be difficult but what the Sixers need to do is concern themselves about the future.

    I say we deal Minny the number 2 pick for 4 and 16. Take Cousins with 4 and at 16 hope that Xavier Henry will be there. Giving us a 2 guard who can legitimately shoot the ball.

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:

      Philly Matt,

      I agree, but only if New Jersey is not going to take Cousins. There are many ways to get Cousins and extra picks as well.


  15. Ryan says:

    I greatly enjoy your straightforward approach regarding the various topics discussed on your show, whether it be about sports or life. I also happen to agree with your opinion on DeMarcus Cousins. I think he is the 2nd best player in the draft and would take him over Evan Turner in a heartbeat.

    However(I’m sure you knew that word was coming), we disagree about John Wall. I watched a great deal of Kentucky games last year and think that Wall will easily be the best player in this draft. I would not bet against him being the best point guard in the NBA in 5 years, and I am a betting man. He has the size and athleticism to be a great on-the-ball defender. He can dribble a basketball upcourt faster than most people can ride a bike.

    One aspect of your opinion that I cannot comprehend is why you think he is not a good passer. I can assure you that he is a very, very good passer. Trust me on that one. He is lightning quick and most importantly, has a nose for winning. I watched him perform below his standards in February against my Vanderbilt Commodores, but with 10 seconds left and a 1 point lead, he blocked John Jenkins’ jump shot, wrestled the ball away, hit his free throws and walked out of Nashville a winner.

    No, he is not a great shooter. Neither is Derrick Rose or Rajon Rondo. I’d argue that Wall is a better shooter than those two anyway. I could delve more deeply into why Wall is the best player in the draft, but I’m sure you get the idea. Hopefully you will have a new outlook on him. All of this is a moot point for the Sixers since he most likely won’t be available with the 2nd pick.
    With all of that being said, this will not be a “tragic” or “Iraqi war-sized” mistake no matter what happens. This is not nuclear proliferation. It’s the NBA draft, and all opinions are valid.

    Take care.

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      Beautifully written. I did not say that John Wall was not a good passer, I said that he wasn’t a great passer. He is a wonderful player, and I think will be a very good NBA point guard. He is extremely athletic, and I enjoyed his games at Kentucky as well. To me, the ceiling on Cousins is simply higher, and I also feel that a great big man, even in today’s game, has a bigger effect on a game than a great small man.


  16. John says:


    I agree, if i was Ed s. i would draft this monster of a youngster..He is going to be a dominant big man, no question about it. What are these so called character issue? Not hustling, being lazy, it is funny what money can do to guys like him, he can either fail (which could be the easy thing to do) or he can listen to doug collins and learn how to play defense in the NBA, i think the sixers are a dominant force away from contending..He is no bust on offense though, but you know that.

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      I am not sure the Sixers are a dominant force away, but he is worth the gamble.

  17. John says:

    Paul – While I hear what you are saying, I couldn’t disagree with you more. Among basketball experts throughout the country, Turner is pretty much the unanimous #2 pick and some even argue he should be #1. He is a no risk future All Star. Living in the NY area, NY sportstalk has Net fans flipping out that they got #3 and will not get Wall or Turner. In fact, there is a high probability they won’t even draft Cousins either.

    Turner is the player everyone would take 2nd and if the Sixers blew it on him fans would not be livid. However, if they took Cousins and he is a bust and Turner is a stud, this franchise will never live it down as he was the player everyone thought they should have taken. Additionally, Turner is NBA ready while many experts view Cousins as a potential project. The Sixers need to get the NBA ready guy who can energize thier franchise. Cousins will not “energize” the fans and franchise.

    At #2, you should take the sure fire player. Picking after 10, I agree with you in picking the high upside guys like what the Sixers have done in past few years (e.g., Holliday, Young). Unless overwhelmed in a trade like Minny trading #4 pick and Al Jefferson for #2 pick and Brand’s contract and we are guaranteed Cousins at 4 (trade done after Nets actually pick), I would go with Turner.

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      You clearly know basketball. Well written. There are a couple of areas that we disagree on.

      First, I could care less what the ‘basketball experts’ say. While I listen, I form my own opinions, and if they are different than others, so be it. I respect others, but never follow. There is no such thing as a no risk future All Star. Period. Now, does Turner have less risk than Cousins? Yes, I will agree.

      In sports, or in business, great executives make decisions not based on what others would think if they blew it, but what they feel. I understand the pressures Ed is under, and he will likely take Evan Turner, I get that. Maybe they like him better, most do. That is fine, because as I do not follow others, I do not expect them to follow me. Simply present a point, make a decision, and live with it. That is what good leaders do. I am just presenting a different side.

      My risk tolerance is high, and I understand that is not the norm. However, I only do so thinking that reward justifies the gamble. As for your point that at #2 you should take the sure fire player, I disagree with that. From #1 through number whatever, if the reward justifies the risk, the move should be made no matter what the decision points are (physical, mental, rookie, etc).

      I respect your opinion, and it was well thought out. If we agreed on everything, sports would not be as much fun. Take care.


  18. Asher says:

    Why not choose Evan Turner. He has a great work ethic and he has a lot of upside. He has a great mid-range shot (unlike Igoudala) but he still has to develop his 3pt shot. So did Jrue Holliday coming out of college. Jrue shot a terrible 30% from the 3pt line in college but shot at 39% in the NBA. I think that Evan turner has that same work ethic. Work ethic worrys me about Demarcus. Many times watching him i saw him take some plays off in games. I think that Evan has proved his talent time and time again. Would you be upset if Evan was drafted? Say he was, could you see him working well with Jrue as a SG. Or do you think that the only reason that Evan was good in college was because Thadd Matta gave him the ball constantly? thoughts? I’m not knocking demarcus at all. i truely think he is a good player with upside. just sharing my thoughts.

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      Your thoughts are heartily appreciated. I would not be upset with Evan Turner, I simply like Cousins better. The same way people can improve their shooting, they can mature. Evan Turner is a very good player. He would probably work very well with Holiday. I just prefer upside, and it is what I see in Cousins. Thanks again.


  19. John says:

    Just go back and read what you wrote in February of 2005 about the Chris Weber “steal “of a trade . You always go with the best player, even with risks? Not me. Attitude is key, especially when really talented kids with proven track records of leadership are an option. The stakes are so high here and the kid has attitude at 19. What happens when he is a multimillionaire with a guaranteed salary? Couldn’t hit double digit rebounds in the tournament when things counted. That is effort and attitude. Just ask Charles.
    Young dogs, even with talent grow into old dogs who are rich and lazy. (Weber, Big Dog, etc. ) Can’t agree with you on this one, buddy. John

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      You make very good points here. I simply think that his talent makes the gamble worthwhile. This kid is fantastic. As for a small sample size, such as rebounds in the tourney, that is not relevant.


  20. Scooby The Gambler says:

    First off…Dude if you are writing an opinionated article you don’t have to keep saying “In my opinion”….You are writing the article everything is your opinion. Now with that said, In my opinion (lol)…The Sixers should trade down to 4 if they gonna take the risk on Cousins why take him @ 2 if you can get him at four…But drafting Turner and trading Iguadala would be a better move. I don’t like when teams who have top 3 picks and take risks when there are other players who you know are going to pan out. Risky players who are taken early fail more times than they succeed…I remember the last time the Sixers gambled with the second pick…remember Shawn Bradley. If they just draft a sure thing like Turner and build the team around him (minus Iggy they play the same position) They should get another high pick next season and if they can have a good off-season then the Sixers will be in better shape.

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      Cute how ‘The Gambler’ wants the sure thing. For one, it goes against your nickname to think that way. And as a gambler, you know that sure things do not exist. Trading down is a relevant option, I will discuss it on my show this evening at 10. Invoking Shawn Bradley’s name in relation to DeMarcus Cousins is irrelevant and ridiculous. Does that mean that every risk the Sixers would ever again take would duplicate the success, or lack thereof, of Bradley? Come on, please. Too easy an out. I expect better from you.


      1. Scooby The Gambler says:

        You are right there is no such thing as a “sure thing” ,but sometimes when you are a gambler “like me” you wanna bet on the horse with the best odds and not the one with the longest. Look i will admit that Shawn Bradley was a horse with 100-1 odds and Cousins is more like 2-1, but Turner is almost certain to be (in a worst case scenario) as good as AI2… And they have been a playoff team with the Iggy (special thanks to Andre Miller). And Holliday’s future appears that he may surpass what Miller did at the point, so if Iguadala is gone that gives Turner room to blossom and gives a young backcourt to build on and when Sammy and Brand leave they can go get the inside presence and shooter they lack.

      2. Paul Jolovitz says:


        Your comments on odds make no sense. If you would like me to tell you why, I would be happy to, but it might take awhile. The Sixers should draft the best player available if the rewards justify themselves. That player’s position is irrelevant. Take care.

  21. Fitzy says:

    i agree with all the statements made here. cousins MAY end up being great, but can the sixers really afford to take that big of a risk with the #2 overall pick? what if they picked cousins, and then he fails miserably? how much further would that set philly back? we may not have a pick this high again for many years. isn’t safety a priority with this high of a pick? i might gamble on a guy with more raw talent over a more polished player later in the draft, but this is the #2 overall pick! no room for error here. if cousins ends up being great, so be it, but i gotta say turner is our guy.

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      Safety is never a priority. Reward versus risk is. Winning is the goal. The only goal. Sam Bowie was the safe pick too. Oops.


  22. Matt says:

    Do you think we can get him Derrick Coleman’s number?

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      Well stated. The depth of your analysis is sensational. Can I forward this to President Obama? He has many problems to solve, and to have someone with your analytical tools by his side would be great. You addressed every side of the issue, showed a familiarity with your subject, and dissected a complicated argument into an easy to read dissertation. Well done.


  23. mike says:

    The most important part of anyone’s talent is between the ears-this would not be a good idea- Paul, in our life experience, how many people like this in sports, business or radio fail because we fell in love with their talent and ignored their psyche

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      Again, we are talking about someone that everyone has in their top 5, I simply have him at 1. We are going a bit over the top on the character side, in my opinion. If further research shows Cousins to be too big a risk, I get that. But that has not happened at this point. This kid’s basketball ability is worth the risk, barring further negatives that I do not know about. Thanks.


  24. John Simmons says:

    Jolly Im surprised. At first I thought you were being your sarcastic self. You may be right, but can the sixers afford to blow such a valued pick if the guy turns out to be a headcase? And the sixers need to turn around now, not in three years when this guy starts to blossom.

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      No, no, and no. The Sixers need to take the player who will be the best in time, and stay that way for many years. If they were one player away, I would agree with you. But they’re not.


  25. Brad says:

    I love his talent and size but not a fan of his work ethic. I realize that Cousins is young and his potential is huge but Turner impressed me last season when he busted his tail to recover from his injury and didn’t seem to miss a beat when he returned. He’s a self motivated leader type who will be a star. Great investment with #2 pick. Cousins is too HUGE a risk with attitude issues to be built around.

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      Well thought out. We just disagree. I think Turner will be excellent, as well. And not a bad pick, either. But not my pick.


  26. TJ says:

    Jolly, you make a great argument and I wouldnt be surprised if Cousins ends up being the guy they should have picked 5 years down the road. However, I don’t think the Sixers can afford to gamble. When will they have the 2nd pick again? Probably not soon. They got lucky this year and lets face it, unfortunately they aren’t bad enough to be in this position again with a good coach. If Jordan wasn’ t the coach they probably wouldn’t even have been in the lottery because the East is so bad.

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      You can’t draft thinking this way. Who is the best player? Is reward worth risk? Not, when am I going to have the 2nd pick again. What does that matter?


  27. Gatorgirl says:

    Jolly, I agree with you! Being an SEC girl I watched more UK games than OSU, but I truly think Cousins would be the better pick. Besides, what do the Sixers have to lose? ;)

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      Well said. They do have lots to lose, but with Cousins they have the most to gain, as well. Thanks for chiming! Take care.


  28. Sean says:

    I am all for Call Me Cousins, but how many times in the same editorial, paragraph, or even sentence, do you need to say “in my opinion”?

    “He is raw. He is young. He is immature. He is also, in my opinion, the best player with the highest upside in the draft. And he will be available with the second pick. Why? As I have stated, in my opinion, people are, generally, in my opinion, more afraid of failing than daring to be great.”

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      You are right! In the last sentence, I said it twice, and not even in proofreading did I catch it. Guilty as charged! These are my opinions, but in that sentence, you got me. Take care and keep reading things this closely, I love it.


  29. Rocco says:

    Evan Tuner’s upside is being an elite scorer and tremendous defender. He has shown leadership, has taken teams on his shoulders and won and has character. He also has plenty of room to improve, his jump shot while solid is not great but there is no reason to believe it can’t become that. Cousins is a tremendous talent, but big men, even those with a top notch head to go with their top notch athleticism, are huge risks. Cousins is truly a man child in that he has the head of a 13 year old, and when a guy is 20 with that sort of attitude I have no reason to believe it will improve with a disciplinarian coach and 20 million dollars in the bank.

    Take Turner, no brainer.

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      I appreciate your response, but obviously we disagree. This is what makes drafts fun. The question is simply is reward versus risk. The one area I will mention is that people are not finished products at 19 or 20. The NBA, by drafting young kids, invites this. Take care.


  30. Adam says:

    I’ve been listening to you as long as I can remember. When I was younger, you were my favorite personality on WIP. In recent years, I feel like you just make absurd statements you don’t even believe just to generate discussion. I understand that’s your job. However, if you graduated Penn you can craft stronger arguments than the nonsense you throw against the wall. Drafting Cousins over Wall or Turner would be an Iraqi-war sized mistake.

    Just a few quick reasons why drafting Cousins over Turner is asinine…
    1. Cousins has the highest bust value in this draft bar none. I’m also not convinced his ceiling is higher than Turners.
    2. Cousins has serious character concerns. This is not a team that needs a bad character guy. They already have work ethic issues and several unwarranted ginormous egos in the locker room. Who is the last big man drafted in the top 3 with character concerns a questionable work ethic, and poor conditioning to go on to have a career that warranted his draft slot?

    3. This is not a team that can afford a mistake here. They were beyond fortunate to luck into this position and to act recklessly at this juncture would be such a tragically errant decision that I can’t even come up with a fair adjective to describe it. Since you are a poker fan I’ll give you an analogy. Drafting Cousins at #2 would be equivalent to the degenerate gambler who somehow after years of destitution miraculously makes it to the final table of the world series of poker. He then looks down at his hand and sees a 6 and a 4 and decides its a great time to push all his chips in, because hey – its suited.

    This is not a team in a position that can afford to gamble. Evan Turner is not just the safe pick he is the correct pick. He brings the sort of cutthroat mentality this team desperately needs.

    Jolly, you’ve clearly had one too many Odouls – its time to step away from the keyboard.

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      Thanks for responding. First of all, I never make absurd statements I do not believe, not once, not ever. I do find it comical that in the same paragraph you said that, you said “Drafting Cousins over Wall or Turner would be an Iraqi-war sized mistake.” Um, ok. I see the similarity there.

      As for your points, I agree with number 1, but I think his ceiling is much higher than Turner’s, and thus worth the risk.
      As for the rest, every mock draft I have seen has Cousins in the top 5. We are not talking about John Dillinger here. A tragically errant decision? MOVE was a tragically errant decision. But again, I am the one that makes absurd statements.

      As for your poker analogy, if you equate Cousins to a suited 6 4, there really is no way I can respond, other than to say I hope you are at my table someday. Cousins is a risk, one that I think is worth taking. So was Warren Sapp.

      And, by the way, I don’t drink O’Doul’s. Enjoy your day, and other opinions are always fun to hear. It’s why I do what I do.


  31. Rick says:

    Damnit Jolly, you just gave me anxiety going into the draft. Turner or Cousins? Cousins or Turner??? uggggh!

    1. Paul Jolovitz says:


      And isn’t that anxiety great? You know it.


      1. Lamont says:

        Ok…good food for thought. But for some reason images of Kwame Brown and Paul Pierce come to mind. Good small men versus potentially great big men always are a tough choice and right now the Sixers have several big men who could/should be at least good and it’s not panning out. I’d hate to see another one there just taking up space and frustrating the hellouta us for years to come (hope you didn’t hear that Chocolate Thunder).

      2. Paul Jolovitz says:


        You took the time to respond, so I have to take the time to be honest with you. First of all, big men are more of a risk. They develop later, and have less polish at this age, normally, because of the idiosyncracies of playing with backs to the basket. Smaller guys play like they have their whole lives, that is not the case with larger folks.

        The Sixers have several big men who could or should be at least good. Who are they? Sammy just has not developed, and Elton is not really a center. If you have a sandwich, and don’t like it, are you ever going to eat another sandwich? As for Kwame Brown and Paul Pierce, so what? I can think of big guys that have succeeded, and smaller men that have failed. That has little to do with DeMarcus Cousins or Evan Turner.


Comments are closed.

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