I need help. I'm losing my mind.

Donavan McNabbI have been talking about Donovan McNabb for so long now on WIP, he has become the focal point of my life. When someone asks me a question, I always wonder first how Donovan would answer it — what irritating group of words he would select, which goofy face he would display. I’m thrilled that he’s gone, but he’s not really gone. Not in my tormented mind, anyway.

And the sad part is, I’m not alone in Philadelphia. So many of my callers on the Morning Show are like me, lying in wait for the next morsel of McNabb news so we can bare our fangs and launch into another tirade.

Why does Donovan McNabb have such a grip on our city — and especially on me — weeks after he was traded to Washington?

Well, there are a few reasons. First, he cannot stop himself even now from saying precisely the wrong thing. This has always been a talent of his, but it seems that he’s getting even better at it now. He constantly refers to himself as a winner, though his fingers have no championship rings on them. He insists that he holds no grudges against Philadelphia, though every word seems to contain a negative agenda against us. He says he has moved on, but we know better. McNabb still hasn’t moved on from his booing at the draft 11 years ago. What are the odds he has moved on from his long and controversial tenure in our city

And then there are the outside influences. Did McNabb’s father, Sam, really have to compare his son’s trade on Easter night to the resurrection of Jesus? Did the Washington media have to question our intelligence so fiercely as they embraced our exiled quarterback? Did the NFL have to announce his return to Philadelphia on Oct. 3, so soon after the trade? And did the team and the league have to raise questions about their timing by announcing the trade on the eve of the baseball season and by scheduling his reunion on the final day before the baseball playoffs?

Speaking of Oct. 3, I predict right now that McNabb’s return will be an event like no other in our city’s long sports history. The crowd will be intense, on both sides. His admirers will continue to cheer, remaining blind to his flaws. And his detractors will be louder and more passionate than ever, oblivious to his many football accomplishments and his contributions to the community.

Me, I’ll probably be gone by then, relegated to a rubber room where I will spend my final days babbling about vomit at the Super Bowl and disastrous two-minute drills.

I’m losing my mind. I need help.
Angelo Cataldi


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  1. j smith says:

    jim i need your help !! purchased casio watch $160,00 on 11-20-10. returned same 4 times defective watch wont hold a charge from the sun . advised that it is winter time and the sun is not out like in the summer ref charging 4 real for a person from casio. they refuse to replace my watch with a different type of watch with a battery that i am stuck with it i have all my receipts and work orders from the company saying the watch was repaired this is just the tip of the iceberg

  2. Johnny J says:

    Dude…I FEEL THE EXACT SAME WAY!! I actually supported him up until the TO fiasco. I don’t blame him for it, but the way he handled himself through it and even after it. Always trying to be politically correct (maybe because he feared backlash for not fitting a mold or image). I wish he had lashed out kinda like Peyton Manning’s “liquored up kicker” comments… take a stand and EARN your team’s respect…and it seemed he never became the “fighter” that will go toe to toe with ANY challenge that our city always desires…

  3. pk says:

    Cataldi, my four year old girl wines less then you.

  4. Lg says:

    Donavan never got us. He never connected with us fans and we never did connect with him. He can’t win the BIG ones, and neither can Reid…but I am glad he’s gone as we need a change.

  5. flyers13 says:

    Angelo’s comments about McNabb are completely unfounded. Instead of saying he constantly refers to himself as a winner- where are the quotes? What exactly did 5 say that “every word is negative about philadelphia?” Be precise when you rip someone Angelo, and maybe we can take you seriously as a journalist again.

    1. DrZ88 says:

      Angelo stopped being a journalist 20 years ago. Instead, he is like any other media personality. Fanning the flames of the minority loons who think they know something about sports when they have never played a down, taken a wrist shot, thrown a ball in from the outfield, or shot a free throw. Angelo you will be forever remembered as the idiot who wanted Ricky Williams and not McNabb. That is the real history. You wanted a pothead and the ultimate underachiever. Thankfully, you have not inserted yourself in other Eagles’ drafts. While I agree McNabb and the Eagles’ organization have serious flaws, the main one being not able to go “all in” to win the whole thing over financial reasons, they have still brought more to the city than you ever will.

  6. Dano says:

    Yo Ange, what you wrote is right on.. I am glad he is gone but yet I am waiting for something to happen regarding McNabb. He can’t possibly realize the effect he had by doing that stupid air guitar stunt right before facing a do or die game. I could tell how a game would go as soon as he opened up in a shotgun and threw into the dirt..

  7. Vito Cognac says:

    Yo Ang…im so sick of hearing you rattle on about McNabb , come on man… let it go. I cant even listen to your show anymore because all you do is bash D Mac! Its weak man! Get a new topic to put threw the ringer untill our ears bleed! Like how Howie Roseman let MANYgood players(Thomas,Gerhert, Lee, McCluster) slip threw his finger in this draft as he played “lets make a deal”~! 5 did great things for this Team and CITY,we owe him alot for 11 good years. Will you ever stop bad mouthing him… ever…. I would love to hear him rip on you just for a minute, but he is too classy! I love the Birds, no matter who is at QB, how about u rip on some sports people who still pay for a team IN THE CITY!

  8. Joe Shmoe says:

    that was such an excellent piece of literature. i will probably read it to my kids someday.

  9. Jeff says:

    I think it was time for him to go but the blind hate is just as bad as the blind love.

  10. stryker says:

    Glad he’s gone and took his woe-is-me attitude with him. McNabb was never a leader, even though he proclaimed himself one. Tired of his lobbying to bring in TO and Vick, then having hissy fits when they get the publicity. Loved watching his face every time the crowd began singing, “T-O, T-O, T-O …” I’m also tired of the 5 lovers who proclaim that the Birds will never win again now that he’s going. Well, hell, let’s just sell the team since there is no reason to watch anymore! The Chosen One, the man who single-handedly won every game himself, is gone.

  11. Wayne says:

    The BIGGER picture here, Cataldi, is we have to still deal with REID and his outdated, non-adjusting, bad clock managing, predictable, no two-minute drill, weak and small football team. Assante Samuels can’t tackle, Macho Harris are you kidding me, who are we going to stop. And dont’t get excited about too small Jackson, on those all famous and productive “end a rounds”. And oh yeah, Mike Vick, Cataldi we REALLY have a winning team!

  12. Jeff says:

    And your conspiracy theories are dumber than Mel Gibson’s character’s theories in the movie.

  13. Jeff says:

    And for those people who think everybody wants him gone, check out other outlets where fans comment/post. People tend to call shows where they agree with the hosts. So the anti-McNabb people call the morning show and the pro-McNabb people call the afternoon show. Also check out the boards on the Eagles site. In the weeks leading up to the trade more people wanted to keep McNabb than trade him. So you can’t say nobody liked McNabb like Angelo likes to assert

  14. Jeff says:

    Angelo, you whine and cry like a woman. Get over it. I didn’t care much what Donovan said when he was here and I couldn’t care less what he says now that he’s in Washington. By the way reforming the dirty 30 is just going to make you and our city look stupid again.

  15. deathcheater says:

    Angelo, your role is to stir conversation and passion . . . many true fans here wish the guy well but are already focused on the future of this young and promising team. Donovan who?

  16. Migao says:

    McNab reminds me of Rich Kotite for this reason, when Rich was coaching everyone in the national media loved him and thought he was the second coming of Vince Lombardi. They couldn’t understand then how Philly hated Richie so much. McNab’s the same way, in stead of reacting to Rush’s comments years back in such a defensive way, you would have thought Don would have put his head down and really worked to prove Limbaugh’s opinion false, but Don played the offended cry baby and proved Rush correct every year thereafter.

  17. Philly fan in MT says:

    Why are you people bothering to stick up for Mcnabb? What did he do that jeff garcia and AJ Feely couldn’t do? By your standards, those two are also “winners” for the eagles seeing as they also won more than they lost. I can not wait until we are down 4 points with 1:30 left in the 4th and we have a quarterback who can actually run a 2 minute drill. Redskins fans will see what we’ve been saying when they see Mcnabb run (er, walk) through a 2 minute drill

  18. George says:

    While I will certainly not root for Donovan McNabb as a Washington Redskin, I will continue to support him as a person and wish him the best.

    Donovan has flaws and I am not blind to them, but I could surely do a lot worse in the choosing of which professional sports players I look up to and support.

    PS – Clearly, you lost your mind years ago and are beyond help. Just get over it Mr. Cataldi.

  19. arthur d says:

    You pound him because the city eats all its greats alive, its why one of the biggest NFL towns will never win a super bowl. when Kolb collapses, (and he will), u will remember the yrs #5 made a steak out of corn meal.

  20. Phil369 says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I just wish we could have traded one other person to Washington – Rory Segrest. He failed as Special teams Coordinator so they hide him as D Line coach – which he obviously downgraded last year. How long will Reid keep this worthless coach on the payroll? He would make a great Redskin QB coach

    1. hemtri says:

      they already have a new special teams coordinator – his name is Bobby April and he got here a couple months ago

  21. T. R. says:

    Cataldi and that entire morning are worthless!! I wouldn’t piss on any of them to put ’em out!! While McNabb wore me down to, it’s not like the guy was points shaving to throw games. He was like any other athlete whether you liked him or not, he wanted to win a championship! Now he’s gone and you still can’t stop bashing the guy, unfreakingbelievable!

  22. jim says:

    You are well past losing your mind. Your relentless trade on McNabb puts you right up there with the guy with the guy who puked on the kid at the Phillies game. You led a troop on morond to New york 11 years ago to boo the drafting of McNabb.
    Have you ever considered what the kast 11 years would be like if The eagle slistened to you then? Now when some fans agreed that it was time to let him go, we are lumped in with the booing morons that make up the morning show listeners. Ypu are a disgrace as a jounalist, whatever happened to not becoming part of a story that you are covering, guess that doesn t apply to you. I hope you do lead the morning morons ona parade come october 4 th, so the real fans of this city can line the parade route chanting “TURN OFF THE MORNING MORON ‘

  23. Kevin Kolb says:

    You can always talk about me, i can handle your criticism.

  24. Joe Vigilante says:

    Though I am not an Eagles fan I could not wait for him to leave Philly. McNabb has been nothing more then a constant reminder of the enept decision making of the eagles brass. I said it when they picked him in the draft he would never win the superbowl for Philly and I was right.

  25. DT says:

    I think you, and all of the Eagles fans that are obsessing over Donovan after you got your wish for him to be traded, need to get a life dude.

  26. Rasheen says:

    I can’t stomach this dude.The sight of him irks the hell out of me.I feel bad about it,but i can’t help it.I couldn’t stand his fakeness,and his reactions to loses.Why didn’t he ever seem crushed like i was after losing tough games?Hated the smiles after throwin dirt balls.Hate his moonwalk and banjo.Be gone chump.Your not built for Philly.Jeff Garcia had less talent,but showed more passion.We could relate.We can’t relate to u momma boy.

    1. gmoney says:


  27. DonOol says:

    i still hold to something that is getting little play on radio or print, because the national people don’t have the …… to say something. Does anyone really think the eagles would have traded him toa divisional rival, 100 miles away if there was even a 10% chance he could come back to hurt them!? The birds have been covering up for him for years….. and there is no way they would pay hime 15 million a year for 4 years after this one so they decided to come clean and let the masses know what a few of us have known for many years…. he’s average

    1. Jennifer says:

      I totally agree with DonOol . Though I just moved to Vegas 6 months ago I have been following all Philly sports and will forever…it’s all about money.

  28. McPuke Is A Loser says:

    Donovan McNabb is a fraud!

  29. Tony says:

    This coming from a guy that won’t stop talking about McNabb himself. Let it go Ange…let it go.

  30. David says:

    So to summarize it’s McNabb’s fault that his father said something, the Washington media said something and the NFL did something and he’s also responsible for the timing of a trade he did not orchestrate and the schedule of a sport he does not play in?

    And since when can you ONLY be called a winner if you have a ring? Those people are called champions. Winners are people who win more than they lose and McNabb CERTAINLY did that for ungrateful haters like you.

    One thing you ARE right about – you do need help.

  31. bobw says:

    God I’m glad I don’t live in Philly anymore! I moved to Virginia Beach back in 96 but have remained an avid Philly fan. You guys crack me up! You don’t know what you have! Wait until you go 8 – 8 for the next 10 years and you’ll wish you never ran him out of town! I remeber sitting at the Vet and hearing you clowns booing Mike Schmidt and thinking these people are booing the best 3rd basemen in the game and they don’t even know it! Just typical Philly fan Jerks and you just stir them up Angelo! It’s really pretty funny from down here.

  32. St. Kevin says:

    Forget McNabb; everyone is happy he’s gone.
    You caller today(Bill) is wrong about Earl Thomas. He’s only 5’10” & no Dawkins. Eagles would be nuts to trade up for him. Dallas will not trade up & plans on drafting O.L.

    1. bruce says:

      I’m not glad he’s gone, and I am somebody

  33. frank says:

    It’s his mothers fault. Can you eat a bowl of soup without thinking of Mcnabb. Can you picture him trying to make more than a two letter word out of the alphabet soup? When your grandchildren make a stupid face do you say stop being like Mcnabb? Relax, he is like a rash,they all go away, but some take longer.

  34. kevin dolan says:

    The answer to the impact player in philly like Halliday is Cliff Lee. I deserve Phillies tick for that right?

  35. Bob says:

    Good, bad, or indifferent he’s gone. You got what you wanted, and it may work out better for the Eagles over the long haul. Quit obsessing over what he says and how he says it. As frustrating as he was, and too often he was just that, he was still a good quarterback. He’s gone now so LET IT GO! I personally don’t give a crap whether he succeeds or fails in DC; the Redskins mean nothing to me or the fans of the Eagles. Let’s focus on the Eagles future, that’s the important thing; and there’s plenty to worry about with that.

  36. L.T. says:

    After attacking Donovan steadily for ten years, I would guess your karma is way bad.

  37. jimmy mac says:

    Dude..you nailed it. This guy will never get it. And we will always be thought idiots by the national sports world for not loving him enough. What a joke his whole time here was. So glad he’s gone. Bring on an 8-8 season. I dont care. Just keep him away from my city.

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