3 Cheers: Ted BrinkleyChandler Lutz reports.
3 Cheers: Miss CarmanChandler Lutz reports.
3 Cheers: Penn Vet Working Dog CenterChandler Lutz reports.
The Science Of The Working Dog CenterChandler Lutz reports.
East Kensington Artist Celebrating, Honoring Cheeses Of The USChandler Lutz reports.
3 Cheers: Two Women Host School Prom FairThis is a free full shopping experience so that the girls can say yes to the dress.
3 Cheers: Sharing Excess Is Fighting Food Insecurity With Student InnovationChandler Lutz reports.
3 Cheers: Kerri HanlonChandler Lutz reports.
3 Cheers: Delco Spider-ManChandler Lutz reports.
3 Cheers: Local Animal Rescue Shelter Goes Above And Beyond To Save AnimalsChandler Lutz reports.
3 Cheers: College Student Distributes School Supplies In NigeriaChandler Lutz reports.
3 Cheers: Reba PooleChandler Lutz reports.
3 Cheers: Artist Leaves Behind Beautiful Portraits After Losing Battle To CancerChandler Lutz reports.
3 Cheers: Hank Gathers Recreation Center's 'Aunt Cheryl'Chandler Lutz reports.
3 Cheers: Meet The Second AlarmersChandler Lutz has this week's 3 Cheers.
College Student Brings Gift Of Knowledge To West NigeriaChander Lutz reports.
Sunday Love Offers Food, Comfort To Those In Need In PhiladelphiaChandler Lutz has this week's 3 Cheers.
Non-Profit Dedicated To Empowering Young Girls To Make Healthy ChoicesChandler Lutz reports.
Moorestown Art Teacher Wears Same Dress To Promote Individuality, SustainabilityChandler Lutz reports.
3 Cheers: Local Art Teacher Starts 'One Outfit 100 Days' Project To Promote Sustainability, IndividualityChandler Lutz has this week's 3 Cheers.
3 Cheers: UPenn Student Receives Rhodes Scholarship Despite HardshipsChandler Lutz has this week's 3 Cheers.
3 Cheers: Deep Roots Charter School Hosts Harvest Meal For CommunityChandler Lutz has more on this local school that is spreading holiday cheer in their community.
3 Cheers: Two Women Run Pop-Up GiveawaysThe idea of going to a store and shopping for clothing is a benefit not all of us have. But one organization is making it possible for our city's most vulnerable to have this experience, too.
Philly Coffee Shop Helping Those In Need With 'Get A Joe For Your Bro'Chandler Lutz has this week's "3 Cheers."

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