CBS News' Natalie Brand reports.

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Donald Trump, Joe Biden Face Off In Final Presidential Debate Before ElectionCBS News' Natalie Brand reports.
No Louisville Police Officers Charged In Breonna Taylor's Shooting DeathCBS News' Elise Preston reports.
Wednesday's Democratic Debate Generation Ton Of Buzz In Delaware ValleyDan Koob reports.
Study: Airport Self Check-In Kiosks Have 12 Times As Many Germs As Kitchen SinkThere's one specific thing you may want to avoid touching if you're a germophobe.
Justice Department Says Spies From Chinese Government Behind Equifax Data BreachCBS News' Michael George reports.
How Philadelphia Playing Major Role In Campaign 2020Alexandria Hoff reports.
President Donald Trump Taking Victory Lap After Senate Acquits Him In Impeachment TrialNatasha Brown reports.
Senate Votes To Acquit President Donald Trump On Two Charges Of ImpeachmentNatasha Brown reports.
Closing Arguments Finishing In Impeachment Trial Of President Donald TrumpNatasha Brown reports.
Trump Impeachment Trial: Republicans Say They Have Votes To Block WitnessesNatasha Brown reports.
Trump Impeachment Trial Day 3: House Managers Outline Case Against President On Final Day Of Opening ArgumentsNatasha Brown reports.
Day Three Of Historic Impeachment Trial Of President Donald TrumpNatasha Brown reports.
Impeachment Trial: Democratic House Members Begin Laying Out Case For Removing President Donald Trump From OfficeNatasha Brown reports.
104-Year-Old World War II Veteran Asking For Valentine's Day Cards To Add To Large Collection Of KeepsakesMajor Bill White says he will keep every single card that is send to him.
Local Travelers Returning From Middle East Speak About Ukrainian Airlines Crash In IranChantee Lans reports.
President Donald Trump Becomes Third US President To Be ImpeachedAlexandria Hoff reports.
President Donald Trump Impeached On Two Articles In Historic RebukeAlexandria Hoff reports.
President Donald Trump Lashes Out At Democrats Ahead Of Impeachment VoteGreg Argos reports.
Princeton Graduate Student Xiyue Wang Freed In Prisoner Swap In SwitzerlandWang was held on espionage charges, which his family strongly denies.
Impeachment Inquiry Into President Trump Moves Into Public EyeNatasha Brown reports.
Man Wins $200,000 Lottery Prize While On Way To Final Chemo TreatmentRonnie Foster says some of the cash will help him pay his medical bills.
Impeachment Inquiry Into President Trump Pushes OnAlexandria Hoff reports.
President Trump Pushes Back Over Allegations In Newly Released Whistleblower ComplaintNatasha Brown reports.
White House Releases Transcript Of President Trump's Call With Ukrainian PresidentNatasha Brown reports.

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