Natasha Brown reports.

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Pennsylvania GOP Legislators Say They're Looking Into Alleged 'Election Irregularities'Natasha Brown reports.
Pennsylvania Certifies Joe Biden As Presidential Election WinnerWolf sent a “certificate of ascertainment” to the national archivist Washington with the slate of electors who support President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.
Trump Appeals Rejection Of Effort To Block Pennsylvania VotePresident Donald Trump is appealing a federal judge’s dismissal of his campaign’s effort to block the certification of votes in Pennsylvania.
Trump Campaign Loses Appeal To Throw Out Thousands Of Philadelphia BallotsThe ballots in question would not have changed the outcome of the race.
Several Republican AGs Supporting Trump's Challenge To Pennsylvania's Ballot ExtensionThe law gave ballots postmarked on Election Day an extra three days to arrive.
Trump, Biden Supporters Rally Again Outside Of Pennsylvania Convention CenterAlecia Reid reports.
Joe Biden, Kamala Harris May Address Nation From Wilmington TonightNatasha Brown reports.
Trump And Biden Supporters Protest Outside Of Pennsylvania Convention CenterGreg Argos reports.
Pennsylvania Votes Continue To Be Counted Amid Legal Challenges, ProtestsAlexandria Hoff reports.
Trump And Biden Supporters Protest Outside Of Pennsylvania Convention CenterAlecia Reid reports.
President Trump Holds Slim Lead Over Biden In Pennsylvania As Ballots Continue To Be CountedMatt Petrillo reports.
Trump Team Sues Pennsylvania Over Voting ConcernsGreg Argos reports.
Pennsylvania Officials Say 'Calm And Careful' Ballot Counting ContinuesAlexandria Hoff reports.
Election Officials Keeping Eye Out For Polling Issues In PhiladelphiaMatt Petrillo reports.
Joe Biden To Address Nation Outside Of Chase Center In WilmingtonGreg Argos reports.
Joe Biden Makes One Final Push For Election With Stop In PhiladelphiaNatasha Brown reports.
Sen. Harris Campaigns In Philly As Candidates Make Final Push Before Election DayKimberly Davis reports.
Safety Precautions To Take If Voting In-Person TuesdayCoronavirus is now widespread in most places.
Sen. Kamala Harris Holds Final Rally In Philadelphia Before Polls Open TuesdayNatasha Brown reports.
Supreme Court Denies Review Of Appeal To Exclude Pennsylvania Ballots Received After Election DayLast week, the justices divided 4-4, a tie vote that allowed the three-day extension ordered by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to remain in effect.
EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden Discusses Philadelphia's Rising Homicide Rate In Philadelphia, CoronavirusJessica Kartalija reports.
Former President Barack Obama Speaks At South Philadelphia Rally For Joe BidenNatasha Brown reports.
Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf Addresses Pre-CanvassingThat's the process of preparing the ballots before Election Day.
Local Organizations Making Sure All Registered Voters Can Actually VoteHoward Monroe reports.

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