Electric Skull Cap Helping Brain Cancer Patients Live Longer, Doctors say
Stephanie Stahl reports.

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Millennial Parents Also Guilty Of Texting While Driving, Study FindsStephanie Stahl reports.
Backseats Of Uber, Lyft Vehicles Carry More Germs Than Toilet Seats, Study FindsResearchers say most of the germs were found on window buttons and seat belts.
Hepatitis A Infections Soar Nearly 300% Among U.S. AdultsThe infection is preventable with a vaccine.
Scientists Creating 3-D Brain Model To Fight Alzheimer's, Parkinson'sStephanie Stahl reports.
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Some Types Of Sunscreen Do More Harm Than Good, FDA WarnsA dozen chemical sunscreens were studied by the FDA.
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Blue Light Glasses Help Block Harmful LightDigital devices can strain your eyes.
Iconic Broad Street Run Taking Place SundayStephanie Stahl reports.
28-Year-Old Man Suffers Stroke From Cracking His NeckStephanie Stahl reports.
Mercury In Washington Township Gym Floors Did Not Leak Into Concrete Below, Tests ShowOfficials emailed test results to parents.
Eating More Rice Could Help Fight Obesity, Study SaysJapanese researchers found even a modest quarter cup of rice helps.
Popular Sleep Aids Get Black Box WarningThe FDA says 20 deaths have been associated with the pills.
Instagram Testing New Feature That Hides Number Of LikesIt's only being tested in Canada ... for now.
Suicide Now Second Leading Cause Of Death For People Between 10-24, Report SaysStephanie Stahl reports.
Major Discovery Could Lead To Earlier Autism DiagnosesExperts say that could mean earlier treatment.
Local Family Hoping To Raise Awareness Of Rare Disease Triggered By Sun ExposureStephanie Stahl reports.
Picklemania Taking Over Snacks, Sandwiches EverywhereStephanie Stahl reports.
3 Philadelphia Elementary Students Taken To Hospital After Eating Potentially-Laced Baked GoodsJoe Holden reports.

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