District officials are looking to move students on Dec. 2.

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Proposal To Move Peirce Elementary Students To Another Location Over Asbestos ConcernsDistrict officials are looking to move students on Dec. 2.
Popular Heart Procedures Could Be Going Down Dramatically, Researchers SayStephanie Stahl reports.
Survey: Three-Quarters Of Americans Suffer From 'Sunday Night Blues'Stephanie Stahl reports.
Potential Breakthrough For People With Cat AllergiesSwiss researchers say they've been working on the Hypocat vaccine since 2013.
New American Heart Association Campaign Aimed At E-Cigarette IndustryStephanie Stahl reports.
Special Reunion For Mother Who Had History-Making Heart Surgery While PregnantStephanie Stahl reports.
Experts Warn Against Do-It-Yourself InjectionsStephanie Stahl reports.
New Jersey Moves Closer To Banning Sale Of Flavored VapesCleve Bryan reports.
Organ Match Made In Super Bowl Heaven Has This Eagles Fan Thriving Thanks To A Patriots FanStephanie Stahl reports.
CDC: Antibiotic Resistance Leads To 48,0000 Deaths Each YearOveruse of antibiotics leads to drug resistance.
New Help In Fight Against ALSStephanie Stahl reports.
New Gene Therapy Treatment Being Tested At Penn To Treat Rare Kind Of Muscular DystrophyStephanie Stahl reports.
Food Labels Don't Always Mean What You Think, Experts SayStephanie Stahl reports.
Survey: PTSD Common Among Veterans, Many Also Exposed To Environmental HazardsA new survey shows more veterans are living with post traumatic stress disorder.
Doctors Warn Earbuds Can Increase Risk Of Ear InfectionsStephanie Stahl reports.
US Health Officials Make Breakthrough In Investigation Of Mysterious Vaping IllnessesVitamin E Acetate is now under scrutiny.
New Insights On What Causes, How To Treat Picky EatingStephanie Stahl reports.
Marijuana Not Helpful In Treating Mental Health Problems, Researchers SayStephanie Stahl reports.
Doctors At University Of Pennsylvania Announce Major Medical MilestoneStephanie Stahl reports.
New High-Tech Way For Surgery Teams To Stay In Touch With FamiliesStephanie Stahl reports.
Breast Cancer Awareness Pays Off Big Time For Eagles Fan And His FamilyStephanie Stahl reports.
Screen Use Can Have Significant Impact On Children's Brain Development, Study FindsA new study looked at 3- to 5-year-olds who used TVs, tablets and smartphones for more than an hour a day.
Doctors Expecting To See Increase In People Suffering With Seasonal DepressionStephanie Stahl reports.
FDA Recalls More Than 100 Vegetable Products Over Listeria ConcernsThe products have a sell-by date of Nov. 16, 2019.

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