RGIII photobomb’s Ken Starr – then retweet’s us – we’ve got the photo! Prank or Planned? Jeff Gordon takes a used car salesman on the ride of his life.  Hooter’s Girls are ballers and Lance Armstrong is still Lance Armstrong.   It’s all in this week’s That Thing You Missed.

Lance Armstrong Hasn’t Changed

Former President Bill Clinton and Lance Armstrong at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) smile on Sept. 24, 2008 in New York. (credit: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)For full disclosure, I’m no fan of Lance Armstrong’s.  Ok scratch that.  I loathe him. And this isn’t a recent, “jump on the band wagon” type of development.   I’ve never liked him.  Ever.  I despised him even before he dumped Sheryl Crow.

I seriously hated Lance Armstrong before it was cool. And I love saying “I told ya so.”

Lance Armstrong is unstoppable. And I don’t mean on a bike. The man just can’t help himself.

Even after the insincere apology to the staff of his charity Livestrong and even after his ratings grabbing interview with Oprah only proved how UNPOPULAR he is – Armstrong still comes out and does this:

During an interview with Texas Monthly Armstrong calls President Clinton his hero and compares his own apology for taking PED’s to the one Bubba gave to the country for having an affair with Monica Lewinsky and lying about it.

Let me give Lance a little unsolicited advice. For starters: shut up. But since that’s not going to work – and clearly it isn’t – I don’t think Lance aligning himself with Clinton during the time he was getting serviced in the White House and lying to the Amerian public is in his best interest. Call me crazy.

More importantly, if Lance compares himself to Clinton – Doesn’t that make Lance his own hero? Yep, that’s what I thought. And that’s kinda the whole crux of Lance’s problems – dontcha’ think?

Story via CBS Houston

RGIII Throw’s A Photo Bomb
Deadspin RG3

Speaking of Clinton… 

Remember Ken Starr? He was the lead investigator into the alleged improprieties of said former president. Starr is now the President of Baylor University.

And, more importantly, he was just photobombed by Washington Redskins quarterback RGIII at the Texas Capitol.

I guess rehab’s going well!

The best part? We wrote about it and RGIII Retweeted the link!

I love a guy with a good sense of humor.

Story via CBS DC

‘Racking’ Up The Hits

It’s become common practice for Hooters waitresses to guard the lines during Phillies spring training games in Clearwater, Florida.

And, we can all agree the ladies aren’t chosen for their, um, ball handling skills.

So imagine everyone’s surprise when this Hooter’s girl covering the left field line actually catches the ball and tosses it off to a grateful fan.

Only, as you can see the ball wasn’t foul. So Tampa Bay Rays DH Shelley Duncan was automatically awarded a double.

Now Shelley can say he got to second base thanks to a Hooter’s Girl!

Story via @CBS Detroit

Baby Mama DramaMichael Jordan sits beside fiance, Yvette Prieto during a game between the Chicago Bulls and the Charlotte Bobcats at Time Warner Cable Arena. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

It’s been a busy week for basketball Hall of Famer Michael Jordan.

First we learned an Atlanta woman filed a lawsuit against Jordan claiming he’s her teenaged son’s daddy. Which means he allegedly fathered the boy while still married to his ex-wife Juanita. 

Then we learn the cigar smoking basketball superstar has applied for a marriage license with his fiancé Model Yvette Prieto.

‘Cause nothing says I’m gonna love you forever like a paternity suit.

I wonder if the wedding planning site The Knot has a section for that?

Then again, if you Google Juanita Jordan, it says she got nearly 170 million smackers in the divorce. Not bad for 17 years of marriage.

Perhaps Yvette’s no dummy after all.

Story via CBS Atltanta

Par For The Course? A 18-foot deep sinkhole on the 14th hole of the Annbriar Golf Club near Waterloo, Ill. (KMOX/Kevin Killeen) 

Mark Mihal was having the round of his life last week – when on the 14th hole at the Annbriar Golf Club and just one over par he was suddenly sucked into an 18 foot sink hole.

Now that’s what I call a hole-in-one!

How many strokes do you think that cost him?

Story via CBS St. Louis

Driving Sales Force

“Tell ya what I’m gonna do for you today….” 

All of you poor, sorry folks who’ve ever had to deal with a used car salesman, this one’s for you.

And you have Jeff Gordon to thank.

Story via CBS Dallas

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