Veganism seems to be having a moment. Bill Clinton is one. So is Alicia Silverstone. And André 3000, Russell Simmons and Tobey Maguire? Both vegans.

While the list of celebs committed to the vegan lifestyle seems to go on forever, for those who are serious about it, veganism is just that—a lifestyle, and one that poses tons of challenges, particularly when it comes to dining out. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the top vegan-friendly restaurants in the city, so you can just order already.

Kidding. Sort of. – Chelsea Karnash


Adobe Café
4550 Mitchell St. (Roxborough) and 1919 E. Passyunk Ave.

The city’s two Adobe Café locations not only have a huge menu, but a huge vegetarian and vegan menu as well. Plus, the service is always friendly, and the Roxborough location has a pretty outdoor patio covered in greenery.

127 S 18th St
Philadelphia, Pa.

Vegan fast food? Yes indeed, my friends–and it is GLORIOUS. In fact, this new Center City hotspot has quickly become a favorite here in the web department–and none of us are vegetarians. Not only is everything on the menu frighteningly delish (try the Groothie with the Curry Tofu Wrap and a frozen Banana Whip for dessert), but the faux-meat might have you second-guessing yourself; it’s that believable. Oh, and they deliver with no minimum–on bicycles!

Govinda’s Vegetarian
1408 South St.

Govinda’s is only open for fine dining Thursday through Sunday, but they have a second location, Govinda’s to Go, that serves take-out every day. With its many vegetarian and vegan options (including delicious vegan desserts and ice cream!), thoughtful presentation and fresh ingredients, this spot wows diners of all tastes.

1221 Locust St
Philadelphia, Pa.

From the undisputed Philadelphia King and Queen of Vegetarian Rich Landau and wife, Chef Katie Jacoby–both of the former Horizon’s Cafe–comes Vedge, a fine-dining vegetable restaurant that uses absolutely no animal products in its kitchen. Though it just opened last fall, this place is already racking up hordes of fans, from hardcore vegans to unapologetic carnivores. Craig LaBan gave the place three bells, and some are even calling it the best vegan restaurant in the country. Bonus: The cocktails, like the food, are standout.

Memphis Taproom
2331 E. Cumberland St.

Fishtown’s recently redesigned Memphis Taproom offers an extensive menu that will please both meat-eaters and the vegetarian/vegan crowd. Whether you’re in the mood for a simple mixed greens salad or something more complicated—like the beloved Smoked Coconut Club—you have options, a relative rarity at most restaurants.

MiLah Vegetarian
218 S. 16th St.

MiLah’s menu is uber-global, with options that span from Cambodia to Africa. Plus, the entire menu is vegan. As one satisfied Trip Advisor customer summed it up, “Every vegan restaurant should be more like this one.”

New Harmony
135 N. 9th St.

Like MiLah, Chinatown’s New Harmony has an entirely vegan menu. Reviewers give this place a practically unanimous five-out-of-five star rating for fast service, delicious food and an extensive vegan menu.

Nile Café
6008 Germantown Ave.

Germantown’s tiny Nile Café is small but big on vegan taste. Tucked into a store that sells numerous products from Africa, Nile occasionally runs out of things, but the food is great…try the vegan desserts!

Singapore Kosher Vegetarian
1006 Race St.

Singapore’s menu is strictly vegetarian, and it’s influenced by Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu cooking. Not only do they offer a slew of vegan menu options, but they’ll serve large groups an entirely vegan feast, buffet-style.