Unlike Trix, hot chocolate’s not just for kids. But that sugar coma that comes with the powdered versions? Yeah, that is. Instead of getting your chocolate fix from a packet, make a trip to one of these Philly spots where the cocoa’s rich and handmade…and served in something much more adult than that chipped, faded Seinfeld mug from 1991. –Chelsea Karnash

Beat the chill inside the, uh, ritziest of all Philadelphia’s hotels with a mug of signature hot chocolate from 10 Arts. The yummy winter warmer is made with Valrhona chocolate and topped off with homemade whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

At Café Con Chocolate, you can warm up and wake up with a steaming cup of their namesake drink, made with a spicy/sweet mix of Mexican hot chocolate, cinnamon and espresso. ¡Muy delicioso!

Much like CCC, Distrito makes their hot chocolate Mexican style. Plus, the restaurant’s Pepto-pink walls and glitter overload are instant mood boosters if the winter blahs have you feeling extra low.

Chile? Saffron? Olive oil? They’re only a few of the delicious add-ins for Golosa’s famed “drinking chocolate.” Enjoy yours with a spoon and a slice of homemade cake.

Jonesing for a jaunt to Paris? You need only head to the burbs and Le Petit Mitron and you’re practically there. From delectable almond and chocolate croissants to the beloved Blood Orange Hot Chocolate, Le Petit Mitron has all the perks of a Parisian café, sans the cost of a trans-Atlantic flight.

Warm up in the Omni Hotel’s lobby with their super-new hot chocolate menu. Try a dark chocolate hot chocolate with espresso, then top it with yummy edibles like whipped cream, shaved chocolate, Oreo’s, Heath Bar bits, mini M & M’s, mini marshmallows, S’mores and white chocolate chips.

Weird art, mismatched furniture and delicious hot drinks make Red Hook a Queen Village fav. For a relaxing afternoon, regulars recommend the hot chocolate with ancho chile, a good book and your four-legged bff—this place is pet-friendly, too!

The Volcano. The Grandfather Volcano. Some call Rim’s many hot chocolates the world’s best, and it’s not hard to see why. Imagine liquefied chocolate that’s slowly poured over homemade whipped cream and then topped with chocolate shavings, as in The Volcano. Or hot chocolate that has mascarpone and ricotta mixed in, as in the Grandfather Volcano. All of RIM’s (many) options are super decadent…and super delicious.

This little Venezuelan joint is in a shady ‘hood, but don’t overlook it. Regulars like the food, but they really rave about the thick, not-too-sweet Clasico hot chocolate. What’s more, there’s an entire menu of hot chocolate concoctions (like the Calabaza King, made with pumpkin, pecan, nutmeg, cardamom and cinnamon, mmm!) to choose from!

Settle into an overstuffed couch inside the Four Seasons’ Swann Lounge and sip your hot choc in style. Head Pastry Chef Eddie Hales makes each delicious batch by melting down actual chocolate bars into syrup, which he then serves to customers alongside a teapot of steamed milk. Mix your perfect proportions of each and enjoy!