If you can’t shake the winter chills, warm up your inner core and cold bones with a delicious hot toddy. It’s a cocktail with a long history, used to warm the soul on winter nights, but it is also used as a cold remedy. A typical hot toddy is made with liquor, sugar, spices and served hot, but these top five Philadelphia-area recipes take the toddy to a whole new level.

White Dog Café
3420 Sansom St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 386-9224

Still top dog as far as toddies go, the list starts with the hottest hot toddies around. This University-City staple attempts to use all locally sourced food and organic options whenever possible. Non-foodies complain about slightly higher prices on food, but if you are here for the delicious brews, just stick to the bar menu. Each of the four toddy varieties is made with mulled, farm-fresh apple cider. Choose from Maker’s Mark bourbon, Myer’s Dark Rum and more.

Silk City Diner
435 Spring Garden St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 592-8838

Hot toddies don’t have to be filled with cloves and apple cider. This bar and lounge takes it to a whole new level with bourbon-spiked marshmallows, Bailey’s, Patron XO Café and chocolate. Giving new meaning to a hot toddy, it should perhaps be named a wicked hot chocolate instead. Not only will this toddy warm your bones, but Silk City boasts a great reputation for tasty treats. Have your dessert first here, and then get your grub on.

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East Girard Gastropub
200 E. Girard Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19125
(267) 761-9343

This curiously decorated, egg-themed gastropub does not, in fact, cause flatulence. Instead, it offers a sweet cocktail menu and a twist on the traditional British hot toddy. Made with local liqueur SNAP, honey, lemon, green tea and cinnamon, the green tea hot toddy is as close as you can get to a healthy cocktail. Or throw health and caution to the wind, and try the hot peppermint patty featuring crème de cocoa, peppermint schnapps and whipped cream. New to Fishtown and stirring up quite a buzz, these are not toddies for the faint of heart.

Omni Hotel
401 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(800) 843-6664

If you feel like getting a little fancy this winter, this is the place for you. This four-star luxury hotel also boasts one of Philly’s better drinking options, right in house. The Azalea Restaurant offers pretty traditional hot toddies with a side of lemon in a fine-dining setting. This is the perfect place to relax and end the night, or it’s a nice setting to begin your night out on the town with some class.

London Grill
2301 Fairmount Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19130
(215) 978-4545

Just a few blocks from the Art Museum area, London Grill lets you enjoy a delicious steak and top it off with a hot toddy. With the option of having a “vinegar hot toddy,” you’ve got access to the perfect way to wash it all down. The drinking vinegars here are sweet, tart and refreshing, not bitter and tangy. Traditional toddies include those made with Applejack and brandies, as well as a new take on a cappuccino. It’s a good place to start the night off right with a warm, full belly to keep you toasty until your next destination.

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