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Perhaps you’re new to Twitter and you don’t know who to follow, or perhaps you’ve had an account for a long time but your stream seems to be filled with nothing but spam and self-promotion. Well, it’s time to change all of that, and lucky for you, Philadelphia has some of the most interesting and unique people to follow on this popular social medium.

Before diving into the list, there is some important twitter lingo to become familiar with. When you send out a message on Twitter (which is restricted to 140 characters or less), you have sent out a “tweet.” If someone has “tweeted you,” that means they have directed their comment to you specifically by adding your Twitter handle to their tweet. All Twitter handles begin with an “@” sign. Twitterers will also tag posts by subject area so they can be more readily found in search engines. They do this by putting a “hashtag” or “#” before the tag. Thus, if someone wrote the tweet “I love your blog, @kernstwriter! #greatblogs,” they have indicated that the tweet is directed to the Twitter user with the handle @kernstwriter with a tag of “great blogs.”

Now that you understand the lingo, let’s get down to the list. This list is broken up into two main categories: people to follow for updates on great events in the city and people that are just plain interesting.

Philadelphians That Are Just Fun To Follow:


Questlove, the beloved drummer from the Roots, is Philly’s most-followed celebrity and has over 1.8 million followers. It’s easy to see where the popularity comes from with the interesting articles he posts and his sense of humor. Even if you aren’t overly familiar with his music, Questlove is someone to keep an eye on.


Linda Vertlieb is the mastermind behind www.FrugalPhillyMom.com and its Twitter page. Her blog is an excellent resource to find deals on family events, and it contains helpful tips that are not just useful for mommies, but for anyone looking for a good deal. Her Twitter feed includes events, tips, reviews and giveaways, so check it frequently.

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If you need to know all of the hot gossip from around the city, www.PhillyChitChat.com and its Twitter page are a must. This Twitter account will keep you up-to-date regarding all of Philly’s society, people, parties and tidbits from ballrooms to bar rooms. You might want to check it out just to make sure no one is gossiping about you!


Cecily Kellogg is known for her popular blog www.uppercasewoman.com and her writing on social media and moms, but she has also received attention for the raw tone and humor of her Twitter page. In fact, in 2010 she was named one of the Top 50 Twitter Moms in 2010 by Babble.com. She’s definitely someone that can’t be missed.

For Information About Events Around Philly:


When you think of Philly, the first thing that comes to mind might be food. If you want to get insider tips ranging from fine dining to the ultimate in food trucks and carts, this is the Twitter page to follow. Plus, www.phoodie.info is from the staff of www.philebrity.com, so you know all tweets are going to be hip and hilarious.

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After eating all of the great food you read about on @phoodiedotinfo’s feed, you’ll want to wash it down with a cold beer. Luckily, if you’re following www.PhillyBeerScene.com, you’ll know just where to find the perfect one. This Twitter page keeps you up-to-date on all of the happenings in local craft beer in the city.


If you want to be notified about the most interesting events going on around the city, you should follow the Twitter page of www.visitphilly.com. Don’t let the name fool you into thinking this is only information catered to tourists; this Twitter page keeps you in-the-know about events going on around the city, both big and small.


And since you’re here, why not follow CBS Philly on Twitter? You’ll get the latest in Philly news, sports, weather and Top Spots guides.

What are your favorite Philly Twitter feeds? Share them in the comments section below.

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