Twitter has become its own beast. The little blue bird icon is now a status symbol of how many “fans” or “followers” someone can accumulate. Hollywood star Ashton Kusher boasted he could have more followers than a popular New York newspaper – and succeeded in that task. The reach of social media is astounding and goes far beyond star gossip to the masses. Pop up restaurants, secret warehouse parties, even flash mobs use the tweeting system to unleash the power of those 130 characters. If knowing the latest music scene makes your heart flutter, follow these top Philadelphia music connoisseurs on Twitter.

Somehow, this one-woman media show is literally all over Philadelphia — some wonder where her superhuman powers come from. Why doesn’t she ever need to rest?! Her last sighting was at the Budweiser Made in America festival, where she was shooting pictures, taking video and writing for her fantastic blog, which details people you haven’t even heard of – yet. She has her fingers on the musical pulse of the city and her updates are so fast you might miss them if you blink.


An indie loving, left-leaning, liberal tabloid newspaper, this source is usually right on the beat. Exploring everything from music to art to politics to the strange oddities of Philadelphia, these guys keep readers well informed. From mainstream acts to gutter punk bands, the paper certainly does not discriminate when describing just who and what is coming up next in the city.

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Some good old healthy rivalry never hurt anyone. And the same goes for being another alternative newspaper in the City of Brotherly Love (and sisterly affection). City Paper is a staple in the city, and its tweets are no different. Most people expect to find politics in this local rag, but the paper also casts its vote in the entertainment world – and that’s true on Twitter, too.

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When someone is typing in all caps, it usually means they are shouting. And apparently Philly Music Magazine really wants to be heard — as they should be. The website is dedicated to music and musicians and the tweets are exactly the same way. This media source lives, breathes and sleeps music. It’s like a musical smorgasbord of notes, tweets and touts. The only downside is that updates aren’t as frequent as they could be.


With a website that looks almost exactly like its Twitter feed, this site really is the “Real-time local buzz for live music, parties, shows and more local events happening right now in Philadelphia!” It’s not unheard of for them to update five times about various happenings in the city. You may have to wade through the plethora of tweets to find exactly what you are looking for, but the gems you’ll find are worth it.

Cassie Hepler is a freelance writer covering all things Philadelphia. Her work can be found on