Let’s face it, onion rings are the Jan Brady of sides. When you order a burger, no one asks, “Do you want rings with that?” That is precisely what makes these crispy, oil-saturated, oft-neglected, delectable rings oh so delicious. They are an adventure of the fork in the road variety. Like middle-child Brady, onions simply try harder. Diners who play it safe get fries, whereas true swashbuckling foodies can never resist the thrill of the unknown. Here are five places you can visit to let the daredevil muncher inside of you go wild.

Dilly’s Corner
2998 River Rd.
New Hope, PA 18938
(215) 862-5333

It’s hard to beat the magic of Dilly’s Corner. Nestled alongside the Delaware River, the invitingly rustic establishment is a genuine, old-fashioned, family-run food stand that has been serving traditional American fare such as ice cream, burgers, dogs, fries, and those ever important onion rings for more than 25 years. When you step up to the window and order those tantalizingly thick and juicy onion ring beauties, you’ll receive a playing card that will serve as your claim ticket to pick up your order. Find a comfy spot on the porch at one of the picnic tables, sit down, partake of the lost art of conversation with your gathered family and friends, and just enjoy the moment. Next time you hunger for an onion, leave hectic behind and escape to the enchanted world of Dilly’s Corner.

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Giuseppe’s Pizza And Family Restaurant
990 2nd Street Pike
Richboro, PA 18954
(215) 322-9272

At just 16 years old, Giuseppe Giaimo traveled from Sicily to begin his life in North America. After some time spent in Canada and New York, Giuseppe finally settled in Pennsylvania in order to open the first Giuseppe’s Pizza and Family Restaurant with brother Salvatore. Now, boasting three locations and a third brother, Antonio, Giuseppe’s has been successfully serving up the best Italian family fare in the area for over four decades. With so many delectable pleasures in their savory arsenal of yummy delights, it’s easy to overlook their large, fried-to-perfection onion rings that are so good, you can get an endorphin rush just from the satisfying crunch of these intoxicatingly flavorful veggies.

Jack’s Delicatessen
8500 Bustleton Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19152
(215) 742-4600

Jack’s Delicatessen might not be the most obvious choice when you are looking for onion rings. It should be though. Nestled in a tiny strip on Bustleton Avenue in Rhawnhurst, this hidden gem is a real deal delicatessen. Fresh and flavorful, these smaller sized rings almost melt in your mouth. Think tender, succulent and onion opulence with these onion rings. They are so addictive, one order might not be enough, so get two, just to be safe.

Kopper Kettle
1985 Bridgetown Pike
Feasterville, PA 19053
(215) 322-0993

It’s all about texture. How crisp? How soggy? Do you prefer a flaky coating or a batter-dipped crust? Like the seafood they are so well known for, the Kopper Kettle’s rings are blissfully breaded. The instant your teeth sink into the wonderful crumbliness, you know you’ve achieved noshing nirvana. For those who seek more out of life than ordinary, every batch of rings is an adventure in variety because the Kopper Kettle utilizes the entire onion in its recipe. Each order is a delightful grab bag of assorted shapes and sizes. From adorable little end caps to monstrously huge midsections, the Kopper Kettle has the perfect ring size for everyone.

Nifty Fifty’s
2491 Grant Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19114
(215) 676-1950

As the name suggests, this regional landmark is a total immersion experience. Welcome to the 1950s! Get your hand-pattied burgers and fresh-cut, homemade fries. Cherish your hand-dipped, drug store style milkshakes and choose from over 100 handcrafted flavors of soda. Just don’t forget to order a heaping helping of daily-made, onion rings! These massive flaky treats taste like a beautifully crisp memory. With enough mouth-tingling options to please everyone, this sweet side comes in regular, spicy, cheese, and even spicy cheese options. So don’t be a square Daddy-O, grab your baby and burn rubber down to Nifty Fifty’s where you can experience the sizzle of nostalgia on the tip of your tongue!

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