Even if you’re a lifelong health nut, it can sometimes seem like a never-ending struggle to get your fruits and veggies. And while you could bust out the blender and buy half the produce section to make your own juice, you could also visit one of these top Philly spots and be in and out in under two, healthy snack in hand. Five servings a day? Done! – Chelsea Karnash

With an inventive, healthy menu and an array of juices that can be customized, Yellow Juice Bar is a welcome addition to an area already saturated with upscale restaurants and high-cal fare (Shake Shack, anyone?). Plus, the place is small and spotless and the juices aren’t too sweet. Try the #4 under “Veggie Blends” to get your fruits and veggies in one dose, or a Mango Madness for something light and fruity. And if you’re looking for healthy eats that don’t taste it, order up the ice cream-like banana twirl – you’ll get one free topping, too!

It may be located inside the super-swanky Bellevue, but the newest of Philly’s juice bar will be open to members and non-members alike starting Sept. 3rd. And in addition to juices like “Brain Power” and “Immune Detox,” there will also be smoothies (Java Oat? Yum!) and healthy breakfast items, sandwiches and wraps, plus (score!) La Colombe coffee. Stop by on opening day and taste-test a free juice sample for yourself.

Top quality produce in a food court below the Comcast Center? You bet! At Sook Hee’s, the prices are reasonable, and you can eye exactly what’s going in your juice. Friendly service and speedy blending (60 seconds, tops) round out the pros and make this a no-brainer for a healthy meal or snack on the go.

There’s only one smoothie at this Center City vegan hotspot, but it’s so sensational it’s already generated a cult following. Jump on the bandwagon and order “The Groothie” — a mix of organic apples, seasonal fruit, banana and leafy greens – and you’ll taste why this gorgeous green drink is so popular. Can’t stand to wait in HipCity’s notorious lunch line? Get your Groothie delivered, along with a Curry Tofu wrap or the Udon Noodle salad…okay, and maybe a banana whip as well.

Been to Reading Terminal a million times and never tried this place…or even noticed it? You’re not alone. But though this cash-only juice and smoothie bar is inconspicuous, it’s also irresistible once it’s been discovered. Regular customers rave about the carrot, ginger and cucumber juice, but it’s the low prices and fresh flavors of the drinks that seal the deal for newbies.

Picture a healthy, upscale version of Wawa with – do I dare write such blasphemy? – better food, and you’ll get a sense of what Honeygrow is all about. Order your stir fry, smoothie or salad at the touchscreen, then pay up at the register and a friendly server will hand you your meal or smoothie when it’s ready. And when it comes to smoothies, the mango, ginger, mint and pineapple concoction come highly recommended, but there are tons of other mixes available for you to try if that’s not your bag.

Tip: Before you head over, have some fun browsing Honeygrow’s uber-modern online menu — complete with droolworthy photos of the ingredients! – to cut down on ordering time.

With an inspiring manifesto (yes, really) and a focus on sustainability, it’s hard not to like healthy chain Sweetgreen – at least on principle. But it’s the University City eatery’s delish menu items, including a line of yummy pressed juices that make potential customers morph into devotees. Pop in for lunch and see why the crowds from Penn and Drexel flock here.


Simple, fresh and under 500 calories. If you’re on a diet, this is the spot you want to hit up on your lunch break. Craving a liquid meal? Fuel’s extensive menu will not only clue you in to just how many calories you’re consuming, but how many points that smoothie’ll cost you, too. And even if you’re not worried about your weight, it’s hard to resist a Chocolate Covered Banana or tropical Islander smoothie when you get the craving for something sweet that also passes as good for you.

This adorable juicery opened at the beginning of the summer, but it’s already considered a neighborhood gem. Help yourself to the pitcher of fruit-infused water while you wait for your Sweet Greens (a tart, lip-smacking blend of apples, kale and spinach) or One Love (a mix of green apple, cucumber, pineapple, ginger and kale). At the $7-and-change price point for 16-oz, this is not an everyday indulgence, but pick up a frequent customer card and work yourself up – however slowly – to a free smoothie.