While some coffee purists will insist that there’s no such thing as “too hot for coffee,” many people will turn to a cool alternative to their standard hot beverage during the warmer months. Sure, you could pour your regular hot coffee over ice to chill it, but doing so dilutes the flavor and tends to give it a bitter flavor. The ideal iced coffee is cold brewed from the start, though there are a variety of methods that can be used. These Philadelphia spots offer the best iced coffee options in the area, so your favorite pick-me-up is not only delicious – but also refreshing.
Federal Donuts
1632 Sansom St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 665-11011219 S. 2nd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147

When your menu basically consists of three simple things, you better do those things right. Federal Donuts offers doughnuts, fried chicken, and coffee. The iced coffee is cold brewed in small batches and made from Federal Donuts’ custom-blend of Elixr coffee. The cold brew brings out the fruity and subtle flavors of the coffee, reducing the bitterness and making for a super smooth drink. And since you’re already there, you’ll want to pair your $3 (plus tax) cup of iced coffee with a hot fresh doughnut. The perfect match.

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The Little Lion
243 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(267) 273-0688
www.thelittlelionphilly.comBeer isn’t the only drink on draft at this new Old City spot serving upscale casual comfort food with a Southern twist. As part of a partnership with new local roasters Peddler CoffeeRoasters, The Little Lion offers cold-brew coffee and lattes on draft. To make this unique experience even more special, choose to add brown sugar syrup or vanilla syrup to your coffee.

Rival Bros. Coffee
2400 Lombard St.
Philadelphia, PA 19146
www.rivalbros.comRival Bros Coffee was founded by a talented chef, Jonathan Adams and an experienced roaster, Damien Pileggi. The longtime friends set out to offer Philadelphians the best coffee drinking experience possible with a selection of custom, house-roasted blends as well as seasonal single-origin beans that have been carefully sourced. The coffee bar on Lombard Street serves a variety of iced coffee including cold-brew, iced lattes, Americanos and mochas. In addition, nitro coffee was recently added to the menu. This cold-brew coffee is treated with nitrogen under high pressure, then chilled in a keg and served on draft with a cascading head and body, much like you’d get a Guinness. The texture is rich and creamy due to the fizz that the nitrogen produces.

Green Engine Coffee
16 Haverford Station Rd.
Haverford, PA 19041
www.greenenginecoffee.comLocal beverage specialist Zach Morris opened Green Engine Coffee Co. this past fall. Located in the heart of Haverford, the coffee bar offers a seasonal menu of panini sandwiches and fresh baked goods in addition to the cornerstone of the venue – coffee. Green Engine Coffee Co. serves coffee and espresso from local favorite Rival Bros Coffee. In addition to hot drinks, you can also enjoy the house-style cold brew ($2 or $2.50 depending on size) and the Kyoto-style cold brew ($4). The unique Kyoto-style cold brew is cold brewed for 12 hours in the Oji Kyoto Cold Drip brewer from Japan. The slow process reduces the acidity, making for a sweeter, smoother cup of coffee. Green Engine is one of the only coffee bars in Philly to feature the Oji Kyoto Drip brewer.

HubBub Coffee Bar
1717 Arch St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 665-19823736 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 387-0700

232 N. Radnor Chester Road
Radnor, PA 19087
(610) 687-1710

HubBub Coffee’s owner, Drew Crockett, started the business as a fully-stocked coffee truck down the street from The University of Pennsylvania. The popularity of his specialty coffees has since allowed him to open three bricks-and-mortar locations, including Center City, University City and Radnor. In addition to a menu of hot coffee, espresso, hot chocolate and locally-made juice blends, you’ll also find cold beverages such as the house-blend cold brew, nitro cold brew and iced latte, mocha and Americano. Prices range from $2.55 to $4.80 depending on style and size. HubBub also offers iced coffee growlers so you can enjoy your favorite pick-me-up at home, at the office – wherever. The 64-oz. growler is $24. HubBub delivery is available within 40 to 60 minutes of all locations. More details available on the website.

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