Some nights, your inner party animal wants to party on. Maybe the night has been too fun, or maybe it has been a while since you really got out there with your friends and just had a fun time. Or you are just a late night person and you are just gearing up to go out when many are heading to bed.  So you’re looking for places to hang out after the bars close. You won’t be very lucky when it comes to Philadelphia Parks since the curfew is 1 a.m. and the playgrounds are 10 p.m. Here are the top five places to hang out after the bars close for all you night owls hooting it up.

The Penrose Diner
2016 Penrose Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19145
(215) 465-1097

Diners are always a good time for people who love to sit and conversant and dine on sandwiches and breakfast foods. You probably will be hungry if you were out dancing. And if you were drinking a bit, the eggs will help avoid the morning hangover. The Penrose is a typical diner but one of only a few in the city. It is open 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday and the prices are reasonable.

South Street Diner
140 South St
Philadelphia, PA. 19147
(215) 627-5258

The South Street diner is good for people who have more discerning tastes as far as Diner food goes and for its very convenient and the location. The South Street Diner is open 24 hours all week and is excellent for a place to hang out after the bars close on South Street.  The prices are generally on the cheaper side with most items being under $10.  But the best food here is their breakfast item — they are not just eatable diner food, they are a pick for many people who love their omelets and waffles.

Sugar House Casino
1001 Delaware Ave
Philadelphia. PA. 19125

Maybe you’re not done partying and you want to go test your luck. If gambling or the buzz of a casino is to your liking, the Sugar House is open 24 hours. They also have their own eateries and even serve more alcohol if you haven’t gotten your fill.  The Sugar House is located in Fishtown and opened in 2010 so it’s relatively new. It is located at the former Jack Frost Sugar Refinery and places homage to this through not only its name but also the name of its restaurant and bar. Plans are in the works to expand the casino even more. It currently is using just 45,000 square feet for gaming out of it’s 22 acre property.

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Pat’s and Geno’s
1237 E. Passyunk Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 468-1546

1219 9th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 389-0659

Philly is home to the Cheesesteak, and if this were a cheesesteak article, both Pat’s and Genos would get their proper separate paragraphs.  But both are open for 24 hours and are just about across the street from each other. So if you really wanted to do a cheese steak challenge and compare the two kings of cheese steak it’s in walking distance to do so.

1712 Walnut st
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Coda is open as late as 3:30 a.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday as an After Hours club.  It is a large space with coat check and since it’s an after-hours club, you will have to join their social club (this can be done the night you go) On nights there is a musical act there is usually a cover charge between $10-$15. CODA is located in the  Rittenhouse Square Section of Philly.

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Christina Dagnelli is a freelance writer in Philadelphia and the author of Little Squares with Colors: A Different way to look at autism. Her work on examiner can be found here