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Photo Credit: Kensington Quarters

Photo Credit: Kensington Quarters

Kensington Quarters
1310 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19125
(267) 314-5086

Thanksgiving is awesome. There’s nothing quite like watching the big game with your family, drinking until you fall over and spending the day eating nonstop.

However, having the whole family over to enjoy some turkey usually takes at least three days of cleaning before two days of cooking, leaving you burned out and giving thanks that you have the next few days off of work to recover. Obviously, after the big day is over the last thing you want to do is get back in that kitchen (even if just means pouring a bowl of Rice Krispy Treats cereal), so instead head to Kensington Quarters, the newest restaurant and butcher shop combo to hit Philadelphia.

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We admit, it might sound like a weird spot to get some grub, but you’ll be sure to get a to-die-for dinner. Instead of your traditional Pilgrim inspired leftovers, shake things up a bit and start off with Lamb Sausage and a Maitake Mushroom. Then ditch the traditional reheated turkey for either the Pork Shoulder or the Chicken Roulade. For dessert, skip the passed over pumpkin pie and go for a slice of the Pumpkin Cake, or a delicious Smoked Chocolate Cream Puff.

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However, if you decide you’d rather drink your dessert, go ahead and order the Wishbone and enjoy the tasty combination of Deaths Door gin, Dolin Blanc, Prosecco and lemon. Don’t worry; if you’re more of a beer person they have tons of tasty options like The Great Pumpkin Ale and the Kimmie, the Yink and the Holy Gose brew.

Plus, on your way out, you can pay a little visit to the onsite butcher shop and bring home some Grass Fed Beef, Woodlot Pork, Grass Fed Lamb and even Free Roam Chicken and eggs, for whenever you finally feel like cooking again.

So, take a break and recover from all the mayhem. After all, there’s nothing to be more thankful for than that extra day off of work, besides your family that is.

By Stephanie Hartmann

Stephanie Hartmann writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. Play. lifestyle content for CBS Philadelphia.