DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jess At Temple University

May 7, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr philadelphia DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jess At Temple University

“My car is my lifeline to the outside world.”

The Ride
The Driver: Jess
Car in Question: Red 2008 Honda FIt
Spotted at: The Bell Tower at Temple University, 1801 N Broad St Philadelphia, PA 19121
Odometer: 66,000
Car’s Nickname: Ruby Soho


Q: Hello Jess. Great car. Where did you get it? How was the purchasing experience?

A: This was the first car I purchased on my own. Ruby came home with me from Sloane Honda in the Northeast. It wasn’t a bad experience at all, but I was nervous as hell. It was pretty much the largest investment I’d ever committed to on my own at that point.

Q: How do you feel about your Honda Fit?

A: I spent a lot of time looking around before I picked it out. It’s just the right mix of small on the outside and roomy on the inside. I don’t mind the gas mileage either, since it gets me pretty far on a 10 gallon tank.

Q: What is your car’s main use? How much time do you spend in it?

A: My car is my lifeline to the outside world. I pretty much live in it because I always seem to be on the move. It gets me to work, then to all of my wacky side projects and then to the bar to unwind, all while squeezing into the most preposterously small, incredibly convenient parking spots.

Q: Where’s the farthest or craziest place you’ve driven to with this car?

A: I once took my car to Atlantic City, New Jersey and then all the way up to Brooklyn, New York in a 24-hour period. A couple of my friends and I spent the whole day on the beach, went and saw Joel McHale’s late night stand-up routine at one of the casinos and then I drove us to Brooklyn at one in the morning. We arrived at 4 a.m. and the only thing that kept us awake the whole way was an impromptu car-dance party that featured Andrew W.K. and a whole lot of obnoxious fist-pumping. It was hilarious!

Q: Do you have any rules in your car?

A: No smoking unless you keep it out of the window. Other than that, the only rule is that there are no rules, except that first one.

Q: What’s the one thing you would change or add to your car if you could? Or is it just perfect?

A: I’d prefer if it could turn into a Japanese fighting robot. Other than that, yeah, it’s pretty sweet. Oh, the front bumper is a little low and sometimes scrapes up on things. So yeah, a Japanese fighting robot with a higher bumper would be perfection.

Photos and interview by Michaelangelo Ilagan

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