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Photo Credit: Box Car Brewpub

Photo Credit: Box Car Brewpub

Boxcar Brewpub
142 E. Market St.
West Chester, PA 19382

As a kid it was Lego’s and SEGA, or Candy Land and Pogs. As an adult however, for some reason I’ve never quite grasped, we’re expected to put away our toys (well, most of them) and enjoy people’s conversation… lame. Lucky for adult children like myself, a few places, including Boxcar’s new brewpub, don’t quite agree with this boring concept either.

At Boxcar Brewpub’s owners Jamie and Kymberly Robinson have created a casual take on the speak-easy, that will excite your adult palate while appeasing the child within. After grabbing a boxcar brew, cozy up in one of the plush lounge couches or chairs. If you’re looking to dive into the action immediately, saddle up to one of the retro arcade games and find out if you still got it. With a focus on the local community, this former music venue invites everyone in with its comfy atmosphere.

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Continuing the emphasis on the community, this brewpub looks to the locals for suggestions and help to mold and create a home where everybody knows your name… ok, maybe not literally, that could get really annoying. With delicious options from the Boxcar brewery you’ll be able to stay hydrated (well sort of) while enjoying delicious quality craft beer.

After you’ve had just enough beer (cus, you totally know your limit…) you might need to soak it up with some eats. Lucky for you this brewpub doesn’t just focus on awesome beers and stellar atmosphere, the food is pretty insane as well.

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Focusing on fresh, seasonal and unprocessed ingredients, the ever changing menu will have you coming back for more. From Boxcar Beer Cheese with Pretzels or chips; to flat-bread with pesto, Feta and tomatoes no one will leave hungry.

If after all of this gaming and eating, you still don’t feel satisfied (well I can’t really help, since I’m here and you’re there…) but I guess that just means it’s time to take out those pogs and see if you can score a slammer… not a euphemism.

By Amanda Blum

Amanda Blum writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. Play. lifestyle content for Philadelphia.